Honouring the legacy of a Pan-Afrikan Warrior Mother Lioness

Please, join me in honouring the legacy of a Pan-Afrikan Warrior Mother Lioness from my home-country, Anguilla.
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The news of Empress Ijahnya Christian has just hit me like an emotional tsunami. It arrests my tears and numbs my soul – there really is no language to appropriately reason or explain.

Words sound poor when trying to describe this mighty matriarch, who inspired so many Afrikans through her dedication to the advancement of Rastafari liverty, Pan-Afrikan values, Afrikan history/culture, Reparations and Afrikan-centered organizational work.


Mama Ijahnya Christian: "Rastafari is the Vanguard of the Pan ...

Mama Ijahnya was a gift to our broken world, arriving in 1957, who grew up between St. Kitts and Anguilla. She served as an educator and high school teacher in her earlier years. She mothered three children, but was, in essence a mother to all of Afrika’s children – wherever in the world they happened to be.
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In 1993 she published the first Dictionary of Anguillian Lanuguage. She also contributed as a columnist in The Anguillian – where she would provoke the minds of readers with her unapologetic Afrikan freedom-voice. Mama Ijahnya served as a representative on the Caribbean Pan-Afrikan Network and was a founding member of the Caribbean Rastafari Organisation (CRO). She founded the Athlyi Rogers Study Center (named after the author of Holy Piby – The Blackman’s Bible, also from Anguilla) – a centre for Pan-Afrikan culture and transformation. She represented a non-compromising activist-voice in every meeting, symposium and conference she attended. And her Pan-Afrikan message of protecting and advancing Afrikan languages, traditions and inter Diaspora-Afrika unity was a forceful call to action.
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In 2010 Mama Ijahnya moved to Shashamane in Ethiopa, where she served the community, but also spent every minute being a seeker of justice for the global Pan-Afrikan Family. Through her writings, strategic work, advocacy and organizational developments she helped to put in place practical solutions for the Afrikan collective.
I was blessed to have several opportunities to reason, learn and strategize with this beloved Sister of mine. We hosted her on her visits to South Afrika and she became an in-house family member, with so much love to share with the extended eBkhosini Family.
We will need some time to process this devastating loss. Yet we, reluctantly, acknowledge that we need to release her Spirit so that she can serve Afrika as a Majestic Ancestor. Mama Ijahnya, thank you for the example you set through your life, the way you set the bar high for Afrikan practice and the many souls you loved with such passion and life-giving validation. You nourished us, equipped us and liberated us. We will honour your memory; your legacy shall live on, through our consolidated efforts to leave no stone unturned until Afrika is, once again, restored, powerful and determined by Our Selves. Ase’
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