"I Call Her Queen" is an activity created by OAH to celebrate Afrikan beauty.

OAH is asking you to submit powerful images of Black Women in a friendly rivalry to see who our readers judge to be the most powerful image presented.

It is intended that "I Call Her Queen" is used as a self esteem builder for young women as they see how their beauty as  Black Women  is celebrated.


All entries must be emailed to ourafricanheritage@yahoo.com. To give this activity a little more depth, when submitting the image to OAH you must give one word that the image says to you and in as few words as possible tell us why that word came to you when you looked at the image. When submitting image, include name, contact details and mailing address.

Everyone looking at this OAH feature activity is asked to vote for an entry in the "I Call Her Queen" promotion by selecting the number of the entry you wish to vote for and put it in the comments section. You may also include your reasons for the choice you made.

This activity will run until the 7th January 2015.

We are starting with a prize of $200 USD for the winner of "I Call Her Queen". More prizes for the winner will be added and publicized as the "I Call Her Queen" proceeds. OAH also has a grand surprise prize for the winner of "I Call Her Queen".

OAH invites everyone to subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Each week developments on this activity such as additional prizes will be published in the newsletter. All persons entering "I Call Her Queen" must be a subscriber to the OAH newsletter.

"I Call Her Queen" is open for anyone to participate in.

Please note this is not a Selfie promotion. Images do not have to be of yourself but they can be if you so desire.

Here is an example of what an entry will look like.

Entry No1.


Perseverance .....

The look on the face of the woman says to me determination. The implements depict a poor and simple existence thus the perseverance to move forward. Beauty in a hard world.


Entry No. 2

the pain

ESCAPE .... this image says to me looking for my freedom. The tears tell of the sadness the hardship of being a slave to an uncaring system.  Looking for a way out of her pain and tribulation.


Entry No. 3

powerful image of black woman 1

Strength .... her hair looks thick and strong which adds to the confidence portrayed in the simplicity of this image.


Entry No.4

feel the energy flow


Energy Flow ..... She is in total relaxation feeling her energy in every part of her body. Totally at peace within herself.


Note. This is our first official entry in 'I Call Her Queen". Remember to get your images in. If you like this image please indicate this in the comments. You are allowed to vote for more than one image.


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