If Life Was A Thing Money Could Buy. Bajans prepare for Coronavirus.

After reading suggestions from Grenville Phillips, leader of Solutions Barbados on what Barbadians can do to manage a quarantine situation, caused by the Coronavirus, I started hearing the voice of Yellowman singing, “I Can’t Stand It”.

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While I agree the advice given is sound for the most part, it does not take into consideration traditional medicines, and how they might effectively play a part in getting us through this attack on our health and well being.

Here is what Mr. Phillips wrote. I have injected my thoughts on some of his points in bold text.

Mr. Phillips: As a tourist destination, we are vulnerable to having this virus spread among us. Therefore, we should prepare for what is foreseen as likely, given what is happening in other countries. I suggest the following.


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1. Purchase and maintain at least 3 weeks of food, in case you are quarantined. Let me suggest dry cereal that you can eat with water; rice and lentil peas; salt and seasonings; flour, yeast and dry raisins.

2. Purchase and maintain a pack of 100 x 500 mg Vitamin C tablets. Take one whenever you are going into closed spaces with many people. Take two if you feel a cold/flu coming on. I would add to this keep a healthy stock of garlic, ginger and turmeric for the purposes of making teas. Also we should research herbal home remedies for the flu and know what is around your home and in your community. 

3. Purchase Lysol or equivalent cleaner that claims to kill 99.9% of viruses. Use it to disinfect areas where you normally place your hands several times daily. Eg: door knobs, TV, faucet handles, phone, computer, kitchen appliances, car steering wheel, radio, gear shift, and hand-brake. Start practicing now.

4. Start paying all of your bills on-line. If you do not have a lap-top computer, then learn to pay them using your mobile phone. This will prove problematic for many who do not have credit cards or debit cards. 

5. If you have school-age children, then arrange for the school or teacher to copy you, by e-mail, on the curriculum, course notes, and assignments. This sounds very much like homeschooling to me. I wonder how the many critics and naysayers of homeschooling will deal with this?

6. If possible, have a discussion with your employer about the possibility of working from home. Discuss what can be done to facilitate such an arrangement. Try to negotiate doing a test of the idea next week. Make sure that you are more productive. How are laborers and trades people going to work from home? Only one set of people are able to work from home. 90% of poor people can’t work from home. No solution for the poor?

7. Discuss with your pastor the option of on-line church sessions. Start planning them by starting a Facebook page and You-tube channel. Learn to post videos on-line that everyone can access. Lean to do live streaming. If we are not impacted by the virus, then the church may not use that option, but at least you would have planned for it, and developed new skills – that you may later market. You can do this with any group session. No comment!

At the current reported rate of global infections, March 2020 is likely to be an interesting time in the Caribbean. Therefore, at least look after your household and your community.

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Good advice for the well to do and the wealthy but nothing much for the poor, the small man, woman and child. My cannabis plant should be legally growing in my back yard, with my other herbs and their medicine available to me as I get ready to arm myself against Coronavirus.


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Final thought, if this virus does what is thought it might do, how will our tourist industry be impacted? If negatively how then will our business with the IMF be affected?

Do we look up, in or around for answers?


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