iModelPro is a free portfolio hosting Website for Models, Photographers and other Industry Talent which is based in New York. The main purpose of this Website is to allow Artists to connect with other artists and create great art. This Website also holds strong connections with Caribbean artists who want to post their material on a Global scale.

The Website is 100% free and anyone in the following categories can become a member, models, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, Photoshop wizards, clothing designers, body painters, artists, musicians, casting directors, producers, fashion magazines and model agencies.

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To sign up as a model you are asked to provide a short bio,upload up to 1000 images and must be 16 years or older. Members under 18 are not allowed to display images that are deemed too provocative or revealing. All images must be of quality. That means that no members should upload on their portfolio web cam shots, mirror shots, poorly exposed photos, too grainy, too much compression, arms-length self portraits, personal snapshots etc. Make your photos big enough but not too big. IModelpro recommends that your photos be 600-800 pixels on the longest side. Anything less than 200 x 300 pixels or so is typically too small to see. Pornographic material is not allowed on the site .This includes photos linking to other sites, networking, or referencing adult work on portfolios.

However some mature images are allowed, but can only be posted within your portfolio and not on Profile page. Also all mature images must be tagged 18 +.




To sign up as a hair stylist, makeup artist and wardrobe stylist you are required to upload on your portfolio images of at least three different models. This is to prevent members from just producing photos of themselves. Also provide on your portfolio at least 6 different looks rather than photos of the same look.

To sign up as a Photoshop wizard you need to show at least some skill in retouching photos of models.

To sign up as a clothing designer you must supply photos of at least two finished designs being worn by models. Some sketches or illustrations are allowed.

To sign up as a photographer you must have photos specifically of human models. The following don’t apply cars, landscapes, animal’s etc. Also a photographer will need to supply more than six different models.

To sign up as a musician you must upload at least 4 different audio tracks or if you have material on YouTube you can upload. Also you can provide links to your websites.

We only allow original material and content on and we take copyright laws very serious.

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