It’s ignorance that holds the ppl down

I often hear ppl with the locked hair style of Rastafari speak ill of other persons wearing the same RASTAFARI hair style, n especially speaking ill of His Imperial Majesty.

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We cannot deny the message that RASTAFARI has resonated for over  50 years now. The evidence is evident in the society we now live in – health, natural hair atheistic, reggae music, acceptance of cultural heritage to Africa, love and protection for nature, just to name a few.


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I know many ones who have become aware of self thru the advent of the RASTAFARI movement. I too am a product of such. I would posit that in this post colonial space we live, there are few ppl who can attribute their awareness of self to something other than the influence of Rastafari. One just has to look deeply in self n I am sure that it (the circumstance or the experience) is there in a person, a documentary, a reasoning, a book or even a movie.


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We have tolerance (in that we don’t disrespect other ppls beliefs). N this is true. We sit in churches for funerals of loved ones n endure the Jesus rethortic; we tolerate the nation of Islam n their Allah rethortic. I would even go so far as to say we tolerate the politician n their rethortic, which we know more often than not is lighter than hot air. We tolerate many things n many ppl!

So what concerns me is the inclination of ones who by appearance gravitate to the outward trappings of the RASTAFARI movement n then r eager to say to a person (who by no fault of their own suggest that they r Rastafari- by something as simple as calling them Ras) that they r unequivocally NOT A RASTA!


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I will not pretend to overs y a one would want to be associated with something that they unequivocally abhor or find offensive or demeaning or totally object to.

I think any thought along that line must be for that person to evaluate.

What must be considered tho, is y we reach toward enlightenment while tearing something or someone else down; or y we gravitate to other traditions n practices while ignoring their influence or connection to things we abject; or y do we tolerate some one’s beliefs n reject others to the point of intolerance (while battling with the acceptance of some aspects of the same thing we abhor)???


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I take comfort in His Imperial Majesty bcawz he has provided many answers to the questions I sometimes seek.

The glory of the King I represent.


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His majesty says that,

“What is needed, above all, is patience which accepts delays while striving to overcome them and tolerance which comprehends our weaknesses, our selfish ambitions, and our narrow self-interest, while seeking to strengthen our will and stiffen our moral fibre and devotion to principle and international morality: which can alone arm and shield and support us in the daily strife which is our fate as we toil to better the lot of Africa and all men everywhere. Unless we find the requisite courage and fixity of purpose to rise above our petty selves; we shall be broken on the wheel of our own invention, slaves of our own despotism. The spirit of Africa, which surrounds our deliberations here, is deserving of the greatness which Africa demands of it.

Let us prove ourselves worthy of it.


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