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This is a short story about a little girl, living on a little island that has a little problem that could be solved with a little help from you.

The names of the people involved in this story have been changed to avoid any negative fallouts it may cause. The situation itself is very real.

Storytelling has been and remains an integral component of African cultures across that continent. The telling of stories has been the means to pass down history to upcoming generations. It is used to teach societal values and morals. The relating of people’s plight and their need for assistance have also been saddled on the backs of stories. Storytelling has many more uses than the few presented. However what was presented will lay the foundation of the story about to be told.

The story is based on a little island situated in the eastern part of the Caribbean. On this islands lives a family of three. The mother, Lucinder, who is a poor woman that works two jobs to support her son and daughter. She works as a messenger for one of the local law firms and on weekends and some evenings into the night, cleans houses. The son Jeremy 17 years of age has just completed a vocational course in plumbing and has just started working at a hardware store as a sales assistant. Lucinder’s daughter is 14, her name is Atina and she is a very special girl.

Lucinder like many women on the island is estranged from the father of their children. Other than payments made to the court of law for support of his children, the father is absent in their lives.

Our story revolves around Lucinder’s daughter Atina. Atina has a defect in her spine that is thought to have contributed to a little disorder of the brain that retards her learning or rather retention ability. Retention of information has been a not so little challenge for Atina and her mother.

As Atina grew into her early teens, it was noted by her mother and the special school she attends that her ability to retain information was increasing. This was great news for Atina’s mother. Lucinder was living with the fear that any time her eyes were to be closed (death), Atina would not be able to take care of herself. With the improvement in Atina’s information retention, Lucinder was now feeling better within herself that her daughter could now learn the basic tools needed for survival.

One such tool Lucinder was adamant that Atina learn, was that of reading. At the special school Atina attended she had learned the alphabet, numbers and had started to learn words such as, it, of, on, them, they, etc. Her progress was slow and Lucinder was becoming frustrated with the school as she thought Atina was capable of more.

Now, on the little island was a little organization that was recently formed. In its second year of operation this organization became involved in a legal battle that was founded on a family’s right to homeschool their children. This case caught major publicity in the local newspapers. The outcome of that legal matter, shone a new positive light on homeschooling. People would start to contact that organization about homeschooling. It in turn created a homeschooling service.

Lucinder was thinking that with the help, Atina could greatly improve on her academic ability. It so happened that Lucinder and the president of the above mentioned little organization had worked together almost 20years ago. She had a plan.

Lucinder reached out to her old friend and told him her plight as it pertained to Atina. He readily agreed to assist in the way of giving Atina reading lesson two days a week. As a friend the man let Lucinder pay him what she could afford.

Two months passed and Atina was now answering comprehensions, doing word searches and learning to read via the use of phonics rather than site words. Lucinder was beside herself with joy. Atina was now reading signs on the road and any literature she found around the house. Of course she was not reading to her age group as yet but she was well on the way.

Atina is a special girl and one of the things that make her that special is the fact that she is fast. She is the princess of the track. A sprinter by love, Atina runs in a track club and has run at international events and competes against “regular” children and kicks ass all along the way. She is also a talented swimmer and has competed in various meets again with “regular” children, the results being the same.

Lucinder supports and encourages Atina in her quest to be a track star. Atina’s track coach is of the opinion she is a track star in the making.

Lucinder the financially poor woman she is, has her hopes set on Atina winning an athletics scholarship so that she may have a real chance at reaching her full potential. This is where the plot thickens. The special school Atina attends does not offer athletic scholarships, she would have to attend a normal school to have this chance. Atina’s coach advised Lucinder to take her out of her present school and get her in a regular school.

Lucinder talked the situation over with her old friend the reading coach and president of the little organization, who although very pleased with Atina’s progress and who agreed that her present school was now a retardation to her academic development, had reservations about the move. Lucinder asked about having him tutor Atina full time for a year before making the move to a regular school. The tutor who was willing would need to be paid as this would now consume all his time. Knowing the financial situation of Lucinder he proposed a price that he could go no lower than. To make this Lucinder would need the assistance of Atina’s father who was unwilling to help. She could not afford having a full time tutor.

Hands tied, she took Atina out of her school and got her into a regular school. Atina is now 14 and will start in 3rd form.

Lucinder had Atina tested to see what academic level she was now at. Atina’s results showed she was at the level of learning of a seven or eight year old. Atina’s tutor is now working with her five days a week during the vacation to give Atina a fighting chance at her new school.

Why are you being told this story? Because the organization and Atina’s tutor are asking you to help Atina, Lucinder and others like them by making a donation to the charity. It is asking you to make a donation of $10 to assist with its development and the development of its educational services.

Please take a further 6 minutes of your time to view this video done by members of the charity.

Thanks much for the time you took to read this. You are asked to please share this story and if possible make a donation.

Donations can be made to the organization’s headquarters Monday – Friday from 10am to 8pm. If you visit their headquarters between 10am and 5pm you can meet Atina and other underprivileged children the organization assists.

For more info call 1 245 262 0068

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