Maelewano Motherland …. For the best in African fashion in 2017 and beyond.

Maelewano Motherland is bringing the unique African culture & style from the Motherland to your homeland. Deanna Mack launched Maelewano Motherland in 2017 out of her love for African art, culture, education, beauty, and fashion.

Motherland 2

Experience African fashion, African home school, and African beauty with Maelewano Motherland.

A sample of the unique fashions to be found at Maelewano Motherland.

motherland 1 Motherland 3

It is now

Motherland 4 Motherland 5

It is young

Motherland 7 Motherland 6

It is fresh

Motherland 9 Motherland 8

It is trendy

Motherland 11 Motherland 10

It is super stylish

Motherland 12 Motherland 13

It is you.

Motherland 14 Motherland 15

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When making your purchase from Maelewano Motherland, use the referral code ….  africanheritage 15 …. and get $5 off the item you desire.

Each purchase of one of these stunning African styled garments will assist The African Heritage Foundation, registered charity 1112 with the development of its own Home Schooling Service, the “Barbados Alkebulan Academy for Social Empowerment (BAASE).


This feature is sponsored by the African Heritage Foundation (AHF).

The AHF wishes Maelewano Motherland the very best in all its endeavors.



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