Maths Made Simple! Singapore Mathematics Workshop (Barbados).

The African Heritage Foundation registered charity #1112 is seeking a donation to assist it with its registrations fees for Maths Made Simple! Singapore Mathematics Workshop (Barbados).

The James Street/Speightstown Circuit of Methodist Churches in Barbados has invited Professor Dr. Yeap Ban Har from Singapore to conduct a two day regional Mathematics workshop on Problem Solving and Number Sense, for our island’s primary School Teachers and Educational personnel. The workshop will expose educators to innovative tools and methods that they can employ in their efforts to build the numeracy skills of Barbados’ young people.

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Dr. Ban Har is in great demand and has a two year waiting period for bookings. The Ministry of Education is fully on board with this opportunity and teachers from all of the primary schools will be attending.

This widely needed Math workshop is scheduled for November 2nd & 3rd 2018 at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Conference Centre. The registration cost for each participant is $400.

The African Heritage Foundation is presently operating a homeschooling service. It is of the opinion that this Math workshop will greatly assist parents with the schooling of their children in the home. It would therefore like to send two of its homeschooling tutors to attend this workshops. The AHF’s participation in this workshop will allow it to gather and disseminate information gained at the workshop with homeschooling parents and other homeschooling tutors.

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The AHF is requesting a donation from you in an attempt to raise $1200, so that two AHF educators may attend. The charity would also like to sponsor one homeschooling parent entrance to this activity. The AHF has only recently received information about the Maths workshop and is urgently seeking sponsorship to this activity. It is intended that the AHF pay its registration fees by the 29th of October.

Any contribution you can make to this effort to attend the Maths workshop will be greatly appreciated by this charity.

For more information or to make a donation, the AHF can be contacted at 260-4795 or email The AHF homeschooling service is operated from its headquarters located at “Upper Two Mile Hill, St Michael”. It is open from 10am – 4pm Monday – Friday.

The AHF thanks you for your consideration of this request and invites you to view a short presentation by Dr. Yeap Ban Har

Paul Rock (Simba)


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