Moving beyond Comfort Zones


By Shola Arewa
If your life has changed recently or you wish it would change, I think you will find this of interest. I had a conversation today plus I've been reminded lately how important our comfort zone shifts are to us and how challenging it can be to move beyond them.
A comfort zone is an area of life where you feel comfortable, it's easy, and you think you have it covered. In your comfort zones you perform well and feel confident. You have worked hard to get where you are now. Yet what's really happening is you are probably playing safe, not moving forward in your life and not realizing your fullest potential. That's the limitation of staying in your comfort zone.
When we step outside of our comfort zones we begin to feel uneasy. I know, I have been feeling it recently. I have been making shifts that have me feeling very uncomfortable. I have to re-assure myself by saying, "It's ok, you are learning, you are growing, it's supposed to be uncomfortable." Moving outside your comfort zone is frightening by its very nature. We can get anxious and fearful when stepping out of the psychological boundaries we create for ourselves. But when you take a leap of faith, a quantum leap, when you move in the direction of your fullest potential, when you really honour what is unfolding in you; when you recognise what is trying to be birthed in the world through you, and show up for yourself, the universe expands for you and rewards your energy. There is so much to be reaped.
What I know for sure, to borrow a term from Oprah, is that when you are willing to step up and to step out, when you are ready to take action and move beyond your comfort zones, your dreams will come true. Because, staying with Ophrah again, the universe is dreaming a bigger dream for you, than you dream for yourself.
Limiting ourselves in this way can prevent us achieving our ultimate performance and success levels. So what can you do to move beyond your comfort zones ?
Take a few minutes now to answer the questions below
1.      Identify a place in your life at the moment where you are being called but not moving forward?
2.      List the actions you could take to expand your comfort zones.
3.      What can you do differently in the next 7 days to step beyond your comfort zone
and move in the direction of your dreams?
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