No Africa, no Biblical heritage

Min. P.D. Menelik
Excerpts of Sermon 2/7/15
The topic of my presentation or sermon at a Black Church yesterday was "Are you the to come, or should we wait for another" from the Biblical text of Matthew. Matthew I told the congregation is the most radical and nationalist book in the New Testament Bible and almost immediately points to Egypt-Africa. That most of the leaders and or prophets in the Biblical story are modeled to serve the people as carriers of the best of their heritage, help purify the nation of evil and to reject the imperial and colonial system enforced upon the people, from within and from outside. The topic was to exhort the need for African people to restore our African traditional system of producing anointed, authentic and righteous leaders in our communities instead of "rusty humans" (Akan) who are "creatures of chattel slavery and colonialism" and who are now serving as highly intelligent and well trained chattel slaves, betrayers and criminals, from the new plantations White Houses suites to the modern streets, across the African world.
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I took the oldest Black congregation on a 5,000 march highlighting key historical markers to both support the importance of this moment and African heritage. The heritage and history journey was used to support the many Biblical texts (fiction or not) pointing to Egypt-Africa's greatness as the model and answer to restore-return (Sankofa) to resolve our current problems, to truly become a divine force (Ubantu), again. I referenced that each time the original people of Israel were attacked they retreated to Egypt/northern Africa and other parts of Africa for safety and security and that even Africans in the U.S. and the diaspora since the beginning of our enslavement have returned to the African Homeland for better security. I also stressed that Egypt and Ethiopia are referenced more than any other nations (except Israel) from the very beginning to the end of the Bible. The sermon noted that neither the Biblical nor other religious stories or sacred experiences are the beginning nor the end of our African story because "Like Truth, no one person can embrace the Baobab tree". I stressed that one of the greatest African scholars of the Bible, Dr. Copher wrote "No Africa, no Biblical heritage". That our story is alive and that the stories in the world cannot be truly validated as significant without the powerful heritage and history of Africa and Africans, as the first parents, and original priests, scholars, architects, and engineers of the world.
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This Black Church community in Georgia (linked to the world) was reported by myself that Africans on the continent have become more disconnected from themselves. That they are more prone to be destroyed by predators than before, unlike the period of our great empires or pan African systems before we were savagely dragged into slavery. That those who survived the worst of our enslavement in Africa were becoming more deficient in their original Divinity and so are more concerned about imitating their enemies, than their Ancestors, to their own peril. Further, they are more easily duped by the mass media, in aping the worst of the enslaved of the Diaspora. Additionally, they are more focused on how best to serve their foreign masters as modern chattels and so are engaging in the wholesale betrayal of Africa - themselves. Therefore, I told them that we are witnessing a new and treacherous 21st century model of the sales of Africans to foreign governments and corporations. Indeed, the Obama types are the most deceptive and destructive forces bio-engineered through our colonial experiments to promote this new type of global scheme fronting for the U.S., EU and other foreign powers, in the new global scramble for the resources and the recolonization of Africa.
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Finally, I admonished the Black Church to reconnect and return to our African way (that they/we are Africans) and to begin with Sumsum (Akan) - the purification of the nation through righteous and radical actions to procreate (children) and recreate our African world to nurture true leaders(hip) who are in readiness to serve African people, as their highest priority, without the control, discretion or direction of their enslavers. That the (Universal Roman Church) Romans imperialist heritage and institutions have permeated and mutated across the glob and even now dressed as Americans, Anglo-Saxons and Germans, with Black features and are featuring Blacks as fronts for our destruction, as never before.
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Our African primordial and sacred duty I proclaimed is reconnecting and being true to our African selves at this moment in history to restore our deep African heritage, to recreate the African environment, the villages, the spaces and communities to produce those that are ready contribute to the greater good of the Pan African (global) nation and send them forth to do good deeds. This is our work modeled from Priestess Nanni and Kojowith the Maroons who started the fire against chattel slavery, Priest Boukman and Dessalines in Haiti who burnt down Chattel slavery,  Rev. Highland Garnett and Harriet Tubman when they started the American Civil War, and Garnett's commitment to return Africans to Africa. This I stressed is our work with Bishop McNeil Turner and Rev. Edward Blyden when they started the All Africa Congresses to return Africans and this became the model for the first Pan African Congress under Williams and Dubois which initiated the modern Civil Rights Movement to lobby and advocate for the rights of Africans across the African.
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Most importantly, this is our legacy I said with Marcus Garvey who looked at the new pan African civil rights models and reached deeper and all the way back to our traditional and original glorious models of African powerful empires to use as the models for African renewal for global power and self-determination. Also, for the destruction global slave system for recreation of the global structure with an All African or universal global empire to command power for all Africans. This was the continued work of Nkrumah from Garvey to liberate all Africans in a United States of Africa which produced the OAU and now the AU. This should be the legacy of President Mugabe and other African leaders to continue like Garvey and Nkrumah to fast-track a Union. However, Africa is still stuck in a tribal and regional system encouraged by foreigners and self-centered leaders who are maintaining the division and weakness of Africa, guided by their "former" masters. This surrender to keep Africa in bondage is unacceptable and so we must surrender to the evil powers of this world, incarnated in Black complexions and as our leaders.
Are you the One to continue this glorious heritage and history of the Garvey-Nkrumah Plan of our greatest Ancestors from the best of our heritage and history? Are you the one to continue this work as Sankara, Ture, Clarke, Dr. King, Selassie, and Khaddafi? Are you the who will rebuild the best of great Ancestral models for the greatest good for all Africans, past, present and future generations. You who are ready must now rise to pick up the mantle to do God's (Mulungu) Will to further the liberation and unification of African people - Ubuntu na Zulu! (Nyame).
Min. P.D. Menelik Harris has worked with the Black Church on mobilizing support for issues such as support for Debt Cancellation, Nigerian Democracy Movement, De-Mining of Africa (Southern and Northern Africa); Development Assistance for Africa, Fair U.S. Trade with Africa, Support for Zimbabwe...

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