Nyam Jamaica

Don’t miss – Nyam Jamaica

This book is a collectors item with 417 pages in full colour and is available through Our Afrikan Heritage.


Take a little Jamaican Folk Song blend in Reggae & Dancehall, jerk it well with the ethnic influences that Jamaica has, dash in a pinch of ‘irie talk’ and mek me tell you, you have Jah Jah cuisine. I mean listen to this – it’s like music to the ears to any Jamaican worth his weight in salt – Breakfass of Ackee & Saltfish, Mackerel Rundown wid Green Banana, Callaloo, Dumpling and Johnny Cake. Roast Breadfruit. A box-lunch of Tripe and Beans, Cow Head, Brown Stew Fish or Curry Goat. Escoveitch & Bammy. Jerk Chicken or Pork. Talk about Conch Soup, Cow Foot, ‘Hoxtail’ wid Rice & Peas. Goongoo Peas and Red Peas Soup, Pepperpot with Spinners.

Turned Corn Meal. Yam Pie and Coco Fritters. Gizzarda, Sweet Potato Pudding and Cassava Pone. Otaheite, Star or Rose Apple, Naseberry. Ugli and Ortanique. Matrimony. Hard Dough Bread. Friday night pot tun dong an’ is Jerk or Pan-chicken. Street food – the food of the people.

Nyam Jamaica takes up the slack from the highly acclaimed Culinaria: The Caribbean, beginning the first in a series of culinary reality travel books up the hills and down the dales of several Caribbean islands. This is a documentation, a photographic wondrous experience of the many people author Rosemary Parkinson meets, has interaction with, or merely gets to know about; the many places visited, parish to parish, during her years on the island of Jamaica. ‘Cotching’ a ride on her bumpy but delicious culinary travel, on occasion, are Jamaican friends, Chef Norma Shirley and international photographer Cookie Kinkead.

This is a must read for lovers of Jamaica.

For further information e-mail: ourafricanheritage@yahoo.com. The book costs $100 USD.

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