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  • African Heritage Foundation says let’s talk about solutions for improving school environments in Barbados.
  • Bajan man calls for a 3 day national boycott of the Nation Newspaper. Apologize and Learn
  • Too Much Black Blood Ah Run. Teach the youth a better way through the music.

Mamayashi Collections

The Mamayashi Collection’s soft Jersey dresses with their funky and afro-centric appliqués, randomly placed zippers, and perfectly coordinated colored fabrics have gained notoriety as the choice clothing for the hip, roots-conscious, urban fashionista.  Created by a Jamaican-born, New York-bred daughter of a tailor and determined mother, this collection is essentially an extension of Mamayashi herself.



  iModelpro.com is a free portfolio hosting Website for Models, Photographers and other Industry Talent which is based in New York. The main purpose of this Website is to allow Artists to connect with other artists and create great art. This Website also holds strong connections with Caribbean artists who want to post their material on a Global scale.

Akawami 6 copy

Kwami Hunte

Kwami Hunte was born on September 10, 1978 in Bridgetown, Barbados and is currently pursuing his Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from the Barbados Community College after completing an Associate Degree in Fine Arts with Credits. In 2013, he won the “Emerging Leaders in The Americas Programmed Award” from The Canadian Bureau for International Education (2012), and attended St. Lawrence College in Canada. Kwami has won several awards at the…

Kofi Sankofa – Ancestral Callin’

Kofi Sankofa – Ancestral Callin’

Known for his provocative, ‘no holds barred’ approach to telling Afrikan history and providing social commentary, poet Kofi Sankofa presents his usual frankness through fifteen moving tracks that broach a plethora of themes and social issues. From domestic abuse  and female empowerment to violence and grief, Sankofa utilizes his platform to educate and challenge listeners to become captains of their own ships in order to create and sustain healthier Afrikan…


Education for Holistic Development

To look at the education system whether in the minds and mouths of our politician or as evidenced in what entails in our Caribbean countries is to view the narrow-mindedness and duplicity which is the inevitable result of a people not reconciled with itself. Further, I think it gives evidence of leaders who, due to a failure to properly assess their past, are lost as to how to attend themselves…