PM saying one thing, minister saying another ……. what’s going on?

‘ He emphasized that the drugs would be prescribed when other pharmaceutical products proved ineffective.”

The above was a statement made by Minister of Health and Wellness, Lt Col Jeffrey Bostic as reported in the Barbados Today Online newspaper on the 25th May 2019 (yesterday). With all the positive researched results from the use of cannabis pharmaceuticals without many of the dangerous side effects caused by other medications, why is the public not being allowed to have cannabis treatment as a first option?


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If I were to have an ailment that cannabis medication has proven effective in treating, why must I try other drugs first? I am thinking that the people who are making these decisions are those who in the past have fought against the plant. With international attention being paid to the economics of cannabis in the world market today, greed is driving Barbados’ politicians and big business people. This is why all the cannabis conversations are held by one class of people in the society predominantly, and excludes the masses in the movement towards cannabis reform in this country. This is also the reason why no mention is made of Rastafari’s religious/spiritual constitutional rights to use the herb as part and parcel of their sacrament and daily livity (way of life) in the government’s cannabis reform initiatives. I met a member of parliament recently  who told me he had just come from drinking a cup of Ganaj tea. As far as I know to make the tea he would have to be in possession of the plant, which is illegal. Maybe someone made it for him. In any case as he sits in parliament I am not hearing his voice championing the rights of adult Barbadians to use cannabis. Many people in Barbados can attest to the use of cannabis by many politicians over the years. These people have all sat as representatives of the people in government yet not one of them has championed the right of the people to use the herb. Deep down they don’t want to see cannabis reform in Barbados as they suffer from cognitive dissonance and live above the law.


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Above is an image of synthetic cannabis. Note that at least two of the five cannabis drugs slated for import into Barbados are made from synthetic cannabis.

The old colonial African descended Barbadian has not yet embraced the truth of today as they hold on for dear life to the lies and misinformation’s of yesterday. They do not have the testicular or vaginal fortitude that would allow them to say, I was wrong then how can I make amends for what I have done or not done now.

” Responding this week to concerns raised by some members of the public, the ministry issued a statement reiterating its position that the smoking of marijuana would not be part of the process since there was no scientifically proven medical benefit. (Barbados Today)” I find his hard stance on smoking cannabis interesting as just a couple weeks ago in a CARICOM meeting in Trinidad, Prime Minister Mottley said that Cannabis had religious and recreational purposes. When I hear religious and cannabis, I think Rastafari and I see smoke. When I hear recreational use, I also see smoke included. The government seems to be divided, or confused as to how to go about cannabis reform in Barbados effectively.


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The African Heritage Foundation a registered charitable organization in Barbados is assisting with the advocacy for cannabis justice. As such we seek a public meeting with the Prime Minister and members of her party such as the Lt Col Bostic to discuss cannabis reform in Barbados. It is intended that information provided on the matter of cannabis reform from this civil society organization will encourage the Barbados Labour Party to meet with Barbados’ cannabis community.

You can be part and parcel of this civil society activism for cannabis justice by first clicking the link provided below and taking the survey. Please note the survey is anonymous and you don’t have to answer any questions you may be uncomfortable with. Should you want to be more involved in this civil society cannabis activism, fill out your email information on the survey. The African Heritage Foundation will soon be emailing survey participants to invite them to a cannabis community meeting that will discuss the results of the survey and finalizing  the document that will be delivered to the Prime Minister with the request to meet.


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Thank you for your time and we the African Heritage Foundation look forward to working with you on cannabis justice for all.

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