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” A village without the elderly is like a well without water.” Nigerian Proverb.

I have always thought that the creation of “Q In The Community” was a boss move as it gave the elders a place to collectively gather and enjoy themselves. It also gave various communities around the island the opportunity to receive the blessings of the elders embedded in their merriment making. The icing on the “Q” cake for me was the growing interaction between the youth and the elders, as more and more a younger demographic started attending the activity. I personally have never been, but whenever I see footage of it, my heart is always warmed.


“Q’ Checker Hall St. Lucy

Recently I was in a discussion with one of the members of the African Heritage Foundation at its headquarters when I was told that “Q” has been held strictly at a popular party venue for the last couple months. That business has booked “Q” for lord knows how long. This information hit me hard and it took me a minute to process. It was further told to me that ” the old people still going out and paying their money to enjoy themselves at Q, at this location”. While it is good that our elders have not been overly deterred by the stagnation of the venue, I am of the opinion this arrangement between the producers of “Q” and this business place, has left many communities around the island “Qless”.


Q in the Community


It is the tendency in this society to insure that the economic benefits of anything take precedence over the moral and human centered benefits that can be derived from that thing. This can be seen in the Barbados Medical Cannabis Bill 2019, in the direction of the island’s national festival, our education system, our communities and our elders. Must big business and their money lust capitalize on every sphere of our social living? By the way Christmas is here.


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When the pirates have released my elders I will be making it my business to go and fully enjoy myself with them at “Q IN THE COMMUNITY”, in the community.

” Fire that is surrounded by elders cannot burn you.”

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