By Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig

According to the original cosmogony story, it is clear that the perfect model of the becoming of the world is simply inaccessible to the human nature. This is why the Gods of the Ennead of Uast (Thebes) have presented to the humankind a second trinity made of Gods that are divine enough to belong to the perfect model and at the same time human enough to guide our steps toward the perfection of the world that we are building.

The second trinity is composed of a God-father, a Goddess-mother, and a God-son, all of them taking part in what we call the holy drama of existence. The God-father Wsr (Osiris) falls victim to the jealousy of a God known as the ancestor of our concept of Satan. The God-son, Heru (Horus), helped by his mother Aishat (Isis), will fight from now on to re-establish the kingdom and the throne of his father.


This notion is not new to anybody that is honestly looking for the “spiritual truth” of the world.
– Did you know that the word Christ comes from the word Christa, which, in turn, comes from the word Ker-sheta. Ker-sheta is one of the highest titles of the priests of the Gods Ptah, Amon and Atumu. The title Ker-sheta is literally translated as “guardian of the mysteries”. It has been used to designate the God of the Dead, Wsr, in combination with Umnefer Ker Sheta and is translated as “the merciful guardian of mysteries”!


Are we witnessing now one of the acrobatics of the modern religions? Somehow, it is not the only time that the clergy of the modern religions came to parasite the cosmogonic knowledge of the world and present themselves to the world (that they are pushing towards ignorance) as the only doorway towards the better destinies of humankind.

It is clearly undeniable that the notion of the trinities loses its sense in a belief that wants to be known as monotheism, because if what they call angels or holy ghosts can appear, a God no longer needs to impregnate a mortal being, especially if the goal is to provide guidance to humankind. The trap in this situation resides in the fact that a God that is powerful enough and capable of creating everything that exists shouldn’t be reduced to having to impregnate his own creature with a simple goal of having an impact on the same people he has created. The truth resides in what we call the battle of the dogmas. The human being is full of superstitions and dreams. He is so full that his psychology is a field of monuments, symbols and logic that don’t necessarily have anything to do with the reality that surrounds him.

The same clergies that are working to maintain the confusion in the development of humankind has started by introducing a God-father that was called Zeus, with a Goddess mother called Danae and a God-son called Perseus. Half a century later, they were replaced by a God-son Hercules, born from a God father Zeus and a Goddess mother Alcmene. Then came the Godson called Apollo, born from a God father Zeus and a Goddess mother Leto. Around the year 160 of the Julian calendar, what we called the Dionysian revolution happened; the clergy presented a God-son called Dionysus born from a God father Zeus and a Goddess mother Semele. One century and a half later, the God son was called Minos; he was born from God father Zeus and Goddess mother Europa. Around the year 400AD, the God son was called Aesculapius. He was born from a God father called Apollo and a Goddess mother Coronis.

zeus                      danae              perseus

Let’s notice briefly that Apollo that was presented as a God-father has been already presented as a God-son born of Zeus and Loto! It is only around the year 750 of the Gregorian calendar that they introduced another new son of God, now called Jesus, born from a God-father Yahweh and a human mother called Mary! We should also notice that the word Mary is, in reality, the title by which the Goddess Aishat (Isis) was called (Mrya).

apollo                                                             jesus and mary

When we take a look at all the metamorphoses taken by the second trinity as presented by the clergy of the modern religions, the reader is forced to ask himself a question about what kind of truth are they preaching that does not appear to have a fixed identity and changes names and concepts. It is not a question about a truth to defend. It is a question about trying to maintain the self in the public eye. It is an attempt to establish a relation among people that want to have the impression of advancing, and it is also a means by which to establish the groups of interests that want to maintain themselves in the role of those who “know” the directions towards which we should advance. This is why all these religions capitalize on our faith and belief and not on our ability to reason.

The modern religions came as opportunistic usurpations to announce to people, that are lost in their search for the solutions to the difficult equation of the spiritual evolution, that the faith and belief will free them. It is to forget that the spiritual question is a practical question, like a hungry man that is forced to understand that food comes only from cultivated lands, and the path of truth has no shortcut. We will all advance on this path of the perfection of the soul that leads towards achieving the perfect model of existence, and every cycle of reincarnation will help us understand the absurdity in which we are placed by most of the decisions we make. This will continue until when we understand and accept that the quality of the soul cannot be obtained through beliefs that we adopt, but through the quality of our participation in the becoming of existence.

horus mother and child

The nature of the world we live in; the modern societies through its procession of crimes, dishonesty, vices, vanity, egoism, etc., shows us the example of the world that all these religions are building. And they declared themselves as those who guarantee the moral quality of humanity.

Apparently the modern religions are still working on improving their message, since their so-called holy books are still changing their contents. We must understand that when the goal of a doctrine is used for nothing more than to captivate the imagination, it will be forced to advance as we have described it in this text, changing forms and messages to fit the new dreams of the public it is entertaining. Isn’t that the attitude of the doctrine that has no fundaments? They just came to graft themselves on the spiritual path that has been taken already by humanity. Intelligence is part of human nature; what is our intelligence and our critical mind saying?

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  1. Its the truth that i discovered in my search for spiritual answers, Know its obvious Christianity is not the final answer to human spirituality…I am African and in Africa we should consider our ancient Egyptian Religion…we must Pray to God Osiris, Isis and Horus.

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