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Our Afrikan Heritage magazine is presently hosting a summer activity for seven weeks called the SANKOFA OPEN HOUSE. Details on this activity have been published on this website so interested person can follow the progress of this open house.

One aspect of SOH is the creation of a story. This story is being developed by the children collectively with the guidance of Ms Chereka Forde and cartoonist Mr Che Wiltshire. All characters in the story were created by the children and then redrawn by our resident cartoonist as the image below depicts.

soh story che 4

As we follow the development of the story in this feature you will be introduced to all the children and the characters they have individually created.

At the end of SOH the story created by the children will be developed into a colouring book. This colouring book will be on sale locally and online. Each child will receive a percentage of each sale. In this way children will experience a tangible lesson in the power of collective thought for a singular goal. OAH will open saving accounts in one of our Credit Unions for each child. This is being done so a percentage of the child’s revenue from sales of the colouring book can be saved for future usages.

I will not tell you the base of the story as it is being developed daily. What I will say is that the story is linked to the SOH theme of “Back To Our Roots” with a focus on food and nutrition. The colouring book will go on sale for a price of $5USD.

Here are just a few images from the creation of our story

soh story che 2    soh story che 1


soh story che 3  SOH story 7

soh story che 5


Updates on the progress of the story will be published weekly.

For more info on SOH click link

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