Sankofa Open House (SOH) is a summer youth programme developed by Our Afrikan Heritage magazine (OAH) that is geared towards educating young people aged 8 to 14 in the areas of organic agriculture, collective community consciousness, Afrikan history, arts and craft and academics. Due to restricted space and funding SOH at this moment can accommodate a maximum of 15 children. At the end of the summer, each young person will have prepared, planted, reaped and sold organic agricultural produce. They will leave knowing much more about Afrikan culture and about themselves. The children will also be exposed to various types of arts and crafts, including cartooning, mask making and jewellery making. Academic lessons will also be provided and the children will return to school stronger in the subjects in which they may have been experiencing some difficulty. Conflict resolution and problem solving will be included in the daily activities.

SOH has engaged professionals in activities related to the “Back to our Roots” theme to enable the young people to have the very best instruction. The instructors will ensure their respective activities will yield positive tangible results at the end of the camp.



Organic agriculture activity: SOH will teach organic agricultural techniques in a practical farming environment. Our organic agricultural programme will also teach space management techniques for farming in residential areas. Two six week crops will be chosen to be planted. The children will hatch plants from seeds and seedlings. For the duration of the six weeks, they will tend to the crops under the direction of professional organic farmers. Crops will be reaped and the produce sold in the market by the young people.

Here are some images from the commencement of our agricultural activity.

Getting the containers ready.

SOH Agri.40                SOH Agri.41

SOH away team purchasing the seedlings which the rest of the crew will plant.

SOH Agri.39  SOH Agri.37

SOH Agri.38  SOH Agri.35

SOH Agri.31  SOH Agri.32

Arrival of the soil ...

SOH Agri.34


Final instructions before we get going and then we are ready to start work.

SOH Agri.33  SOH Agri.30

SOH Agri.29  SOH Agri.28

SOH Agri.27  SOH Agri.26

SOH Agri.25  SOH Agri.24

SOH Agri.23

Containers in place and now to add the soil.

SOH Agri.13   SOH Agri.14

SOH Agri.17            SOH Agri.21


SOH Agri.16             SOH Agri.18


SOH Agri.12   SOH Agri.19

SOH Agri.22   SOH Agri.11


Now to manure and soak. SOH is using sheep dung.

SOH Agri.9    SOH Agri.6


SOH Agri.4    SOH Agri.3

SOH Agri.1           SOH Agri.2


SOH Agri.7  SOH Agri

Planting of seedlings with Ras Mike from the organic farm in St Lucy.

SOH Agri.ras mike 1   SOH Agri.ras mike 2

soh planting 16  soh planting 19

soh planting 20  soh planting 25

soh planting 15      soh planting 12

soh planting 6        soh planting 8

soh planting 5   soh planting 4

soh planting 13      soh planting 24

soh planting 22   soh planting 23

soh planting 10   soh planting 15

soh planting 14   soh planting 3

Afro-education: Another area of concern for us at OAH is the lack of a sense of identity in our young people. Afrikan (pre-colonial) history and culture will be taught each day at SOH in order to develop a greater awareness of our heritage.

Creative writing: OAH magazine sees the need to encourage more critical thinking among our youth and will therefore incorporate creative writing and storytelling into SOH’s programmes. The children will be tutored in creative writing by professional teachers who will also be involved with the other academic lessons.

soh 10  soh 9

soh 8

soh 5    soh 6

Academic lessons: The instructors will ascertain information from each child on the particular subjects with which extra assistance is needed to ensure the effectiveness of lessons provided.

soh 57 soh 63

soh 54   soh 56 

Arts and crafts: The young people will learn basic art techniques. Cartooning, jewellery-making, mask-making and sculpting will be included in our arts and craft activities.

soh 25                                soh 28

soh 21  soh 20

soh 11  soh 16

soh 14 soh 17

Exercise and grounding: Each morning SOH will start with a brief stretching and meditation routine. This will be followed by our morning conversation during which we will discuss the moods and feelings of the various children each day.

soh meditation 4 soh meditation 3 soh meditation 2     soh meditation 1


Tours: Fun, educational tours will be organised once each week to a place of interest relating to our various activities.

Movies: As your child waits to be collected, he or she will be entertained by an age-appropriate movie that may have an Afrocentric theme.

 Meals: The meals and snacks provided for the children at SOH will predominantly be vegetarian. We will encourage the children to understand the importance of diet and the significant role nutrition plays in our health and well being.

soh 51 soh 50soh 49

soh 48 soh 46

soh 42  soh 41


SOH is about to start its third week. Thus far we have had two tours that went to organic farms, commenced the creation of a story collectively created by the children and illustrated by our resident cartoonist advanced on our creative writing and had loads of fun in our arts and craft. On our last tour the children collected clay from the mud banks of a pond that irrigated the organic farm we visited. As you will see in the images the youth had messy fun creating their works of arts from the mud clay.

Please remember the camp runs for 7 weeks and we are asking you to sponsor a child for one week. We thank everyone that has thus far sponsored a child. In an upcoming update I will discuss with you some of the fundamental philosophies of SOH.

The creation of our story ..... Here the children collectively create a story. The characters in the story are all created by little ones, with each child having a character in the story. The children draw their characters which are then redrawn by our cartoonist in the likeness of what the child created. At the end of the camp, we would have produced a full comic strip that will be published on this website. Here now are images from our story telling adventure.

SOH Arts SOH story 2

SOH story 5 SOH story 6

SOH story7  SOH Creative writing

Our first tour went to the organic farm at Mt Carmel in St John. Here everyone got an introduction to organic farming and the use of herbs as pesticides as well as use for medicinal purposes.

soh tour 30      soh tour 29

soh tour 28             soh tour 27

soh tour 26  soh tour 25

soh tour 23         soh tour 22


soh tour 21    soh tour 20

soh tour 19  soh tour 12

soh tour 8

Our second tour also went to an organic farm, this time we hit St Andrew. Unfortunately for us the rains came in and prevented us from conducting the tour as we planned. We do give thanks for the rain. The children loved the mud.

SOH tour 10  SOH tour 5

SOH tour 15  SOH tour 7


From this tour as was stated before, the children collected clay and this is what they did with it.

SOH Clay craft 6 SOH Clay craft 7

SOH Clay Craft 8 SOH Clay crfat 8

SOH Clay Craft 4 SOH Clay craft 1

SOH Clay craft 3 SOH Clay craft

Using the theme of SOH which is "BACK TO OUR ROOTS", children were encouraged to use food stuff in the week of Health and Nutrition to create works of art. Here is what they did.

SOH Arts 9 SOH Arts 11

SOH Arts 12     SOH Arts 13


SOH tour 18   SOH Arts 19

SOH arts 23  SOH arts 20

Afro edu time is always a favourite with the children. Making it that more special is our instructor from South Afrika. The children have fun learning the various sounds of one of the languages of the South Afrikan Zulu people. As SOH proceeds they will each construct their own family trees. Here they will learn the importance of family and their role in the family.

SOH Afrikan education SOH arts 1

SOH Arts 2 SOH Afrikan edu 2

SOH Afrikan edu 3  SOH Afrikan edu 4

Updates on the progress of the SANKOFA OPEN HOUSE will be published twice a week.

SPONSOR A CHILD. If you would like to make a donation to the success of this programme you are asked to contribute to SOH's  SPONSOR A CHILD outreach. Sponsorship per child is US$50 per week. Your sponsorship helps with the provision of meals, tour buses, stipends for instructors, camp shirts and materials. Persons willing and able to sponsor a child may contact us by email at 

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  1. Currently unemployed, and as soon as i get some funds i’ll be sure to support this initiative .

    I just want to say that I’m am so in love with this program. Love love love. It’s been something in the back of my mind for a few years. So happy to see this. Well done!!

    Next step: a school for us.

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