SANKOFA..... 28th March 2015 ..... Haynesville Community Playing Field ..... 1pm -2am

The SANKOFA  Annual African Heritage Fair and Culture Show is an event that seeks to build a greater awareness of African cultures, heritage and history that can assist us in our day to day lives at present. The promotion of small businesses and the showcasing of new and upcoming talent are also major aspects of SANKOFA.

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Sankofa was first hosted in 2011 in the Black Rock community of Bellefield in the month of February. This ws done as a direct response to the United Nations declaration at that time of a year dedicated to the recognition of people of Afrikan descent  It was decided at that time to make Sankofa a premiere Black History month event.  Sankofa was held within the first weekend of February to assist with bringing more focus to Black History month. As a community based event, it is intended that SANKOFA will be hosted in various communities around the island.

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Each year Sankofa carries a different theme. The theme for SANKOFA V is “Bridging The Gap”.  It is seen that by making the continent of Africa and some of her respective cultures relevant to our present realities we can assist in building an innate sense of pride in individuals long lost through the advent of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and the concerted efforts of erase or taint African history. Images of Africa to date remain mainly rural, tribal and focused on wild life. Indigenous African cultures are still regarded as wholesome material to be studied but remain largely primitive and savage. It is almost guaranteed that any information coming to us from Africa will be centred on disease or war. This has created a wide gap between   descendents of Africa located in Barbados and left its people searching for foreign cultures to embrace in the effort to grasp at find a place to belong and an identity.

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SANKOFA does not expect a people void of an African pride of self to go out of their way to attend an activity such as this. Thus SANKOFA goes to the people through making this activity community based. SANKOFA’s one and two were held in the Black Rock community of Bellefield, the third was held in the Deacons Farm Community.  Bridgetown was the venue of SANKOA part four and would be the first time this activity would be held indoors. The Old Spirit Bond was transformed into a Afro cultural mall setting to facilitate SANKOFA four. SANKOFA five is intended to be held in the community of Haynesville.

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SANKOFA is a family event and as such has activities and information relevant to all ages.

Activities: For an age grouping of  6 to 9 a special area is allocated stocked with construction paper, news print, crayons, colour pencils etc. This area will be supervised by volunteers from within the Afrikan Heritage Foundation membership that have experience with working with children of this age. The 10 to 15 age group will also be encouraged take part in fun activities designed to educate. We will have Caporeia   demonstrations and workshops for the children within this age bracket. For ages 16 and up various workshops such as drumming, stick licking, stilt walking etc are available. Various businesses will have products on sale and services such as massage will also be available. Traditional fair activities such as face painting will take place with a difference. Faces will be painting as they would be in their respective tribes. As faces are being painted information on the tribe selected will be told to the recipient of this face art. Sporting activities for the youth will also take place on the day.

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SANKOFA concludes with a cultural show that will see performances in drumming, dance and song. After the Culture Show we will then have 3 hrs of Foundation Friday a cultural reggae dance hosted by the AHF.

SANKOFA has an underlying holistic theme and as such food and drinks sold on the day will be reflective of this.

Any donations to the development of Sankofa are welcomed. Those persons wishing to take part in this activity are asked to contact me at 282 0372 or email 

To view images from the 2nd Sankofa please click link

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