Scott’s Decision Can Send Zambia in Flames

By Peter Adamu

Sports minister and Patriotic Front national youth chairman says he telephoned acting President Guy Scott last night and cautioned him that his decision to sack Secretary General Edgar Lungu had the potential to send Zambia into flames.


Kambwili said he told Dr Scott in no uncertain terms that what he had done especially in a period of mourning had the propensity to cause anarchy and lead to bloodshed.

"There were witness when I called him. I think I had six to seven Cabinet ministers at my house," he said.


Kambwili said he had received numerous phone calls from youths including University of Zambia students who wanted to demonstrate, some of whom wanted to camp at Mulungushi International Conference Centre, where the body of President Michael Sata is lying in state.

"I made it very clear to Dr Scott. What he has done can send the country in flames. I told him that if anyone is killed, the blood of those who will die will be on his head," he said.


Kambwili said some PF members, including himself, were genuinely touched by the death of President Sata and to see Dr Scott behave in a manner that triggered protests even before their leader is interred was a huge let down.

"He said we can have a meeting in the morning. He said the issue is not beyond redemption," Kambwili said of his conversation with Dr Scott.


Fred M'membe, The Post Newspaper owner, is allegedly the one instructing Dr Scott to create confusion by calling shorts that would see the return of Wynter Kabimba.

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  1. Zambia’s acting president, Guy Scott, has reinstated presidential aspirant Edgar Lungu as secretary-general of the country’s ruling Patriotic Front, Zambian media report.

    Scott’s decision follows widespread discontent within the party and violent protests on the streets of the capital, Lusaka, on Monday.

    QFM radio news reported on Tuesday that Lungu was returned to office after a meeting with senior party officials, including Lungu, at Scott’s home.

    The radio also reported Scott as saying that in the wake of the death of President Michael Sata, any party central committee member who wanted to stand for election as its presidential candidate would have to step down.

    A major criticism of Scott’s action in dismissing Lungu was that it was disrespectful while the country was mourning Sata.

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