Setting Our Own Standard Of Beauty

Ahhh boy. 'Self love' is the key to high self esteem. Many of us fantasize over the physical characteristics of celebrities who needs to put on a ton of cosmetics and surgical implants and alterations to attain their 'majestic' appearance.

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These celebrities are fake, they must uphold this charade of artificial 'beauty' so that viewers incorporate it within their reality as the standard of beauty so that they can get persons insecure like us to purchases their products. In our praises to such celebrities we begin to deify them and start to follow their style of attire, speech and much of their lifestyle.

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Self love must first come from within, we must first love our personality. Next we must love our outer appearance, yes we must love our outer appearance. Therefore we should be enchanted by our beautiful eyes regardless of the color, our orientation, our thickness of brow or length of lashes. We should embraced our natural hair rather than disgrace it by trying to hide it with weave or any other form of horse hair attachments, or try to 'condition' it with conditioner or relax it which 'relaxer', god didn't give you it relaxed or conditioned so why are you restraining it?

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Sometime I wonder if God/Goddess is constantly baffled when he looks at us and sees he gave us hair but yet we are still going to buy hair. We must also adore the pigmentation of our skin and not feel challenged or insecure around others with lighter or darker skin , if that's the case some insecurities lie within you and you must examine why it exists and fix it.

One must constantly be in 'awe' of his\her existence especially when one considers that their father miraculously laid with their mother to bring them forth. Keep in mind it was possible for your father or mother to lay with another mate, and at that particular time the molecular structure of that sperm cell that impregnated your mother raced against millions of other sperm cells that were just as determined as the one you came from , also one must also comprehend that even as they were millions of sperm cells racing to inhabit an egg there was also another egg that stood there also capable of being inhabited.

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Look at the probabilities you faced from the beginning but yet you're here today. As we can see, we came from a barrage of nanoscopic incidents that created our existence. For 9 months you've survived within the womb and 'Boom' your dispelled into to this world. So how dare you let someone tell you that you're insignificant, ugly, unintelligent or weak when from the inception of your existence as a sperm and an egg you were a survivor and the winner of your peers, how dare you feel insecure to another person that has endured the same journey to this earth as yourself and will also endure the same departure. When you claim praises of persons you must also claim their insults also.

Love thy self, My people

Written by Mari

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