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Our Afrikan Heritage magazine is most excited to feature Crystal Asher member of the African Heritage Foundation. Crystal is a certificated cosmetician endeavouring to establish a quality establishment to offer her services in. This bright and ambitious sister does not only have her own personal development at heart. Through joining the African Heritage Foundation she contributes daily to the development and empowerment of other emerging businesses.

Hailing from our neighbouring   Trinidad Crystal is relatively new to the Barbadian business landscape and as such needed an edge in a competitive  cosmetology business environment. This she has done this by offering a lower price for her services than the average businesses offering similar services. She has also had the vision as mentioned before to join the African Heritage Foundation whereby she can offer extra special rates to fellow members.

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S&W offers massage therapy, nail care and fine art, natural and chemical hair maintenance along with styling. In our conversation with Crystal who is a specialist  at many types of hairstyles she admits she has an extra special touch when it comes to Fusion. Unfortunately Crystal does not have many images of work she has done but with the assistance of the African Heritage Foundation a portfolio of her work will be built and shown on this very feature as we follow the progress and growth of S&W Professional Spa.

sparkle hair 1 Image of hair done by Crystal.  Shoes not for sale .... lol

At present Crystal operates on an appointment basis only. Located at Belle Gully St Michael you can contact Crystal at 266 0805 for appointments.

The African Heritage Foundation is well aware that sisters have their regular hair technicians who they take their business to. We are not asking you to leave that business in favour of this. What is being asked especially of fellow members of the African Heritage Foundation is to make a concerted effort to support this business by getting your hair done, your nails or even a massage by Crystal at least once. Crystal says you need only come one to visit her and she is confident she will see you again.

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The Afrikan Heritage Foundation has sponsored Crystal this feature as a starting point to advertise her services and will continue to support this business under its Business Development Operational Order.

"We are our brothers keeper and our sisters defender".

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