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Tabatap is a young fashion label founded in 2006. The name Tabatap originates from Jamaican slang “tap a tap” (top of the top). The first “tap” was exchanged for “tab” referring to the Designers first name Tabitha… TAB-A-TAP…

Tabatap designs are influenced by Rastafarian culture & principles, along with African-Caribbean, especially Jamaican style. Music with a touch of street has lead to the evolving of a fresh new vibe & style. These outfits are sure to be an eye catcher at any occasion and will make the wearer look and feel good. Words such as, royal, cute, revolutionary and attractive are but few that capture the vibration of Tabatap designs. Modest but playfully sexy can also be brought into the descriptive word selection for this line of clothing.

The aim is to represent African culture trough unique clothing. These designs are a mixture of different colours, prints and styles. You will find hand printed shirts, dresses, militant camouflage gear as well as custom made single pieces. The designer loves to work with African wax prints, different cottons and stretch materials. Tabatap also features designs with a silk screen print of Empress Menen, as it is important for the designer herself as a Rasta woman, to pay tribute to Queen Omega the wife of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I.

There are also children designs available: silkscreened printed tees, colourful skirts and trousers. Shirts for men are also available and the men line will soon be extended with new designs for the Kings out there!

Tabatap is available at the “Talawah Store” in Hamburg, St. Pauli, Germany, a family business, which is run by her mother, her two brothers and the designer. The “Talawah Store” is a Jamaican store that offers clothing and jewellery that match Tabatap designs made by Mamma-Sitta.

The Talawah Sound System is another venture created out of the Tabatap family. This business is operated by one of the male members of the family.

Very soon orders will be available through the online shop at International orders can also be made trough sending an email to

The Designer

Tabitha Minott was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1981. Father a Jamaican Rastafarian musician and her mother a German Ethnologist / Craftist. Tabitha grew up with 5 brothers and sisters around Reggae music and jamaican culture in a pre-dominantly white environment. Numerous visits to Jamaica strengthened her bond and the love for this island, which she sees as her original home even more than Germany.

She discovered the love for clothing and sewing in her childhood, just as music which also plays a very important role in this artists life. She studied fashion design at the Akademie JAK in Hamburg from 2002 to 2006, graduating at same time her first daughter was born. In the same year she also started her label “Tabatap” and opened the “Talawah Store” with her mother and two brothers.

Now at the age of 28 and as a mother of two, Tabitha is aiming to hit the world  with more new Tabatap designs in the future.

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