COMING SOON TO A HOME NEAR YOU… Home Directed Learning in Barbados …The Service.

January 26, 2017

What is “Home Directed Learning”. Service? It is a system of education that takes the child out of the formal school environment and places him or her in one that is directed by his or her parents. Parents in essence direct the education from the home. They may opt to educate the children themselves or retain a service that will assist them with the education of their children.


Together Again: Practical Ways to Have Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

Black Family
June 28, 2015

A number of people have to maintain a busy schedule every day, which leaves little time to spend with children and significant others. Connecting with the ones you love strengthens your relationship and even serves as an effective way to lower stress for everyone involved. It’s no secret that while parenting presents an array of challenges for everyone, raising African-American children comes with its own special set of concerns. It’s…


Nigeria: The Apata Wives – Bonded By Uncommon Love

February 18, 2015

It is not often that we are regaled with happy-ending stories of polygamous families. Unlike monogamy, polygamous families frequently go all-out in jealous conflicts. Even in the days of old when it was not frowned at like it is today, having more than one woman under one’s roof required a special kind of blessing. Usually, the rivalry that is generated is not limited to the wives but extends to the…



September 21, 2014

Author: Sonia Williams Review done by: Simba Simba Simple! It is said that the most beautiful things in life are the simple things in life. It is the little things that are easily overlooked, yet when noticed can extract a profound feeling of serenity. The walk on the beach at dusk, a sweet juicy fruit, a gaze into the moon or just a drive into the countryside are but a…


WomenAgainstFeminism goes viral as people explain why they don’t need feminism anymore

August 29, 2014

I found this article to be very interesting for a number of reasons. It would seem that the younger white generation is making a move to re evaluate their family standings, their relationship with their men and what the Feminist movement is doing to their relationships. The fact that is has gone viral in support of readdressing the essence of the Feminist movement by white women is also interesting to me. It…