The Gateway To Heaven

ooni 1
October 28, 2015

HISTORY OF ILE-IFE Ifè, also Ilé-Ifè̀, is an ancient Yoruba city in south-western Nigeria. Evidence of urbanization at the site has been discovered to date back to roughly 500 AD. Ife is where the founding deities Oduduwa and Obatala began the creation of the world, as directed by the paramount deity Olodumare. Obàtálá created the first humans out of clay, while Odùduwà became the first divine king of the Yoruba….


Europe Must Take Responsibility for Refugee Crisis, Which It Created – Zuma

A refugee stranded in Libya during the height of the conflict.
September 16, 2015

European countries, which played a role in the downfall of deceased Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi and the resulting instability in Libya, have to accept responsibility for the humanitarian and refugee crisis they created, President Jacob Zuma said on Tuesday. “The situation in Libya continues to be of serious concern. As such, we fully support the UN-led political dialogue. We also commend Libya’s neighbouring countries for their role in the search…



July 20, 2015

Barbados – as we all know – is suffering from a dearth of national political leadership, and is currently in a state of crisis and great peril. But the good news is that we are beginning to see positive signs which suggest that the “fight-back” to save and restore Barbados has begun! These recent positive and hopeful signs of a national “fight-back” consist of such phenomena as:-


AHF By Laws … Walking Together

Constitution 1
June 9, 2015

INTRODUCTION: The Constitution of any organization contains the fundamental principles which govern its operation. The bylaws establish the specific rules of guidance by which the group is to function. All but the most informal groups should have their basic structure and methods of operation in writing. Why Have a Constitution? By definition, an organization is a “body of persons organized for some specific purpose, as a club, union or society.”…


Africa: Mugabe Is a Symbol of What African Leaders Really Want – Immortality

February 12, 2015

ANALYSIS By Patience Akumu It is easy to dismiss the stalwart, albeit slumping, figure of 90-year-old Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe, as a reminder of all that has gone wrong with the African continent; failed economies, dictatorships and the resigned inertia of the African people. But to the African Union, which recently elected him as its chair, Mugabe is a symbol of everything that could have gone right with the continent…


Nigeria: Country’s Sole Female Presidential Candidate

Oluremi 3
February 10, 2015

Oluremi Sonaiya wishes to be the next president of Nigeria. She wants to rule the country differently, put a stop to corruption and empty politicians’ promises. But competing in the race is prohibitively expensive. The words “The Promise” are written in large letters over the tiny restaurant in Lagos Airport. Oluremi Sonaiya is seated on a plastic chair and opposite her are two young campaign assistants busily typing away on…


Zimbabwe: Grace Not in Coma – Charamba

Grace-Mugabe 1
February 10, 2015

  First Lady Grace Mugabe’s whereabouts after undergoing an appendectomy (appenditis operation) several weeks ago, have once again sent tongues wagging amid speculation about her true state of health. News websites and other social media platforms were yesterday awash with reports alleging that she was seriously ill in the Far East.