Deep state manipulations in Haiti: The quiet genocide of the poor black masses

May 31, 2017

Popular former President Aristide survived an assassination attempt in March 2017 against the backdrop of increased violence in the world’s first black republic. The mandate of the deeply resented UN occupying force MINUSTAH ends in April and is set to be renewed. The violence is orchestrated to justify continued imperialist intervention that benefits foreigners and their local henchmen.


Haile Selassie’s 50th Anniversary Exhibition UWI Mona Jamaica

April 26, 2016

On the 21st April 1966, His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie visited Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica and Haiti. To commemorate this event the Rastafari community in Jamaica hosted a number of activities that retraced the journey of H.I.M on that island 50 years ago. One such activity to commemorate the occasion was an exhibition of Haile Selassie’s visit to the region located in the UWI Regional Headquarters, Mona Jamaica. Here now…


Why Caribbean History Matters

October 5, 2015

Over the years, I have had dozens of conversations on the question of whether Caribbean history “really matters” and for whom it matters. I’ve heard the region’s history dismissed due to the relative size of Caribbean societies, historians’ supposedly excessive preoccupation with slavery, and a questioning of what lessons can be learned from such allegedly dysfunctional societies.


CARICOM to ask U.N. for monitoring system on Haiti, Dominican Republic

August 31, 2015

The Caribbean Community, or CARICOM, will ask the United Nations to install a ground monitoring system to ensure the Dominican Republic does not violate human rights during the process of repatriating people of Haitian descent, an official told EFE via phone on Wednesday. The CARICOM official said that organization’s secretary-general, Irwin LaRocque, and Haitian Foreign Minister Lener Renaud agreed during a meeting this week that the international community must intervene…


Haiti Prepares to Host the 12th Edition of CARIFESTA this Month

August 7, 2015

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — CARIFESTA, which is the largest cultural and artistic event in the Caribbean, has fused all forms of expression of Latin America and the Caribbean since 1972 and Haiti opens its doors to welcome the Caribbean and the world from August 21 to August 30, 2015. The Caribbean is a meeting place for people around the world, a witness of the crossroad of nations, of different migrations by…


Blackness Without Borders: Global Caribbean Solidarity for Haitians

Haiti and Dominican Republic
July 19, 2015

Out of our homeland and in the global north, we have to be intentional about the way that we use our influence to impact countries in the global south. When I was in my first year of university I began actively studying all of the people and cultures that I learned nothing about in high school. Indigenous Studies, African, Caribbean and Latin American history. I had a particular interest in…


Caribbean Community Fears Spread of Racist Immigration Policy

Sentilia Igsema, born in 1930 in the Dominican Republic to Haitian immigrants, with four generations of her family outside their home in the eastern Seibo province.
July 15, 2015

A Caribbean bloc committee pointed to Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa as examples of the violence and danger of xenophobia. The Caribbean Community’s committee said Monday the regional bloc should urge the Dominican Republic to put an end to its policies spurring the mass deportation of Haitians, in a move to prevent a humanitarian crisis in the region and avoid similar immigration policy spreading to other Caribbean nations. Caricom’s…


Dominican Deadline Passes Without Mass Expulsion of Haitian Migrants

Haitians in the country illegally waited in Santo Domingo on Wednesday to beat the government’s deadline for registering.
June 22, 2015

A cloud of fear and uncertainty has settled over the Dominican Republic in the two days since the government officially closed the doors to migrant workers trying to normalize their status. Fears of a mass deportation of Haitian immigrants prompted human rights organizations and governments to issue statements and warnings likening the planned purge to ethnic cleansing. The nation, and international observers, braced for the worst. But early signs seemed…


Xenophobic Dominican Republic

Xenophobia in Dominican Republic
June 18, 2015

There is as yet no mass deportation from the Dominican Republic of people of Haitian descent. It might still happen. So, Jamaica and its Caribbean Community (CARICOM) partners must be alert to this human-rights crisis, with deeply racist overtones, that is unfolding in their backyard and be prepared to stand against it. This week was the end of the deadline for an estimated quarter million people, essentially rendered stateless by…


June 16th 2015 another sad day in the history of Afrikan descended people.

June 16, 2015

As we prepared to launch various programs around the world to facilitate the UN agenda of this decade for Afrikan people another major tragedy is about to unfold on these same people. Starting today June 16th 2015, the Dominican Republic says it will gather up Haitians to deport them – the intention is to cleanse the DR of Black Haitian blood. This is about cold blooded, state-sponsored colonial murder, imprisonment…