From 1816 to 2016, 200 years of a rebellion suppressed then and now … “CRY BLOOD BUSSA”

January 8, 2016

The Rebellion The Rebellion started Easter Sunday Night April 14, 1816. It started with canes being burnt in St Phillip, signaling prematurely to rebels in central and southern parish that the rebellion had begun. The rebellion quickly spread from the parish of St. Phillip to neighboring parishes where there were minor outbreaks of arson but no skirmishes with the militia. However in parishes such as St. Lucy and St. Peter…



The African Heritage Foundation
December 22, 2015

This letter was adapted from the “Take Em Down” coalition in New Orleans address to their city. The African Heritage Foundation has reached out to this organization and will be inviting other groupings to support us in our drive to influence our government to decolonize our public spaces and schools.


True Indepenence Should Bring Liberation

December 20, 2015

As we approach 50 years of Independence here in Barbados let us recall to mind the messages given to us by those who fought to lay the foundation for our true liberation. Let us not forget this as we have not yet arrived to the final destination of liberty for African people at home or abroad.


If Rhodes Must Fall, Why should Nelson Stand

December 9, 2015

Update: After I posted the original article below a coupe days ago and promoted it on Facebook, it was taken to task by some of our White society here on the island. I was sorry they did not post their comments directly here on the website but I have copied and pasted them here in the comments to give readers the opportunity to see for themselves how this topic is…


Barbados: Time For A Revolution

November 25, 2014

When we look at Barbados today– when one looks at the attitudes and actions of its politicians and government, its professional classes, its business elite, its young people, its people in general— one is apt to wonder about what system of values holds sway over this small Caribbean nation. What precisely is Barbados’ dominant or ruling value system? Well, it would do us well to reflect on the fact that…