Leonard Howell – The Original Gong …. The First Rasta.

June 15, 2017

In 1981 Leonard Percival (The Gong) Howell passed from this life and entered the ancestral realm. This was incidently the same year that Robert “Bob (Tuff Gong)” Marley entered the ancestral realm. There was however a great difference between the passing of these two Rasses. Whilst Bob Marley received worldwide acclaim, Leonard Howell’s passing did not register anywhere, except amongst his family and friends. You may ask why is this…


Leonard Percival Howell and the Genesis of Rastafari

October 18, 2016

Leonard Percival Howell and the Genesis of Rastafari is a ground-breaking addition to Rastafari studies. The articles in this collection explore Leonard Howell and the origins of the Rastafari movement in the 1930s, his thinking on African redemption and the divinity of Haile Selassie, his reclamation of an African ancestral identity, and his persecution at the hands of the British colonial government and the post-independence Jamaican government.


Haile Selassie’s 50th Anniversary Exhibition UWI Mona Jamaica

April 26, 2016

On the 21st April 1966, His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie visited Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica and Haiti. To commemorate this event the Rastafari community in Jamaica hosted a number of activities that retraced the journey of H.I.M on that island 50 years ago. One such activity to commemorate the occasion was an exhibition of Haile Selassie’s visit to the region located in the UWI Regional Headquarters, Mona Jamaica. Here now…


Ila Iwa …. Rastafari Indigenous Village

April 11, 2016

I was most privileged to visit the Rastafari Indigenous Village on the 10th April 2016. The space was very relaxing and filled with positive energy. The journey from getting off the bus to the village was in itself a spiritual one. We were first instructed on what the journey to the village would entail and what we could expect to see on arrival.



March 21, 2016

As a filmmaker, activist, and self-described “rebel soul seeker,” Donisha Prendergast is one of the more multifaceted voices to emerge from Jamaica’s young creative class. She is also Bob Marley’s eldest granddaughter; her parents are Sharon Marley, Bob’s daughter and an original member of the Melody Makers, and Peter Prendergast. Living between Toronto and Kingston, Prendergast’s personal story first came to light in Stuart Samuels’ 2011 documentary, “RasTa: A Soul’s…


Stepping High Ganja Festival 2016 … Freedom For All

March 8, 2016

The 13th Annual Stepping High Ganja Festival was certainly an event not to be missed. The Festival is the longest running event of this nature in Jamaica. For the first 11 years of this event due to Marijuana being illegal in Jamaica, it was underground. The link to the website for Stepping High is provided and all the historical information on the event can be found there. http://www.steppinghighfestival.com/ This article…


Black Am I Black I am

February 14, 2016

The African Heritage Foundation is making our contribution to African History Month by bringing to you a lecture by Dr Knife lecturer at the University Of The West Indies at a youth community production in Jamaica on the 13th February 2016. The Uprising  Lions, the entity responsible for this activity is a community organization that has existed for over 20yrs and continues by be a voice of hope and inspiration…


Ganja Terrorism and the Healing of the Nation

January 20, 2016

Introduction: Ganja Terrorism “…This is ‘ganja country.’ We use it at home to make ganja tea. We smoke it in public. We have been trading this drug for years…” The Gleaner Editorial, “The Ganja Culture.” Daily Gleaner, Friday July 27, 2001. In Jamaica, the hemp flower is a much serenaded and celebrated delight. The herb connects to a long and well-established ethno-botanical appreciation, has had primacy within the island pharmacopeia…


Does Our Former Colonial Master Still Strike Fear In Our Hearts?

October 5, 2015

Taken from the Jamaican Gleaner ‘Are We Afraid Of Britain?’ – Golding Questions Unwillingness To Negotiate Better Prison Deal FORMER PRIME Minister Bruce Golding says he is “uncomfortable” with the Government’s acceptance of proposed arrangements by British Prime Minister David Cameron for the construction of a new prison, on terms which he says are not in Jamaica’s best interest.