Listen Chris, Tax This!

June 3, 2017

While the majority of Barbados is disgusted with the increase of taxes about to be implemented by the current Minister of Finance and his gang, the fact of the matter is, the island is in economic trouble, and we need solutions.


GANJA TALK …. Magazine Articles.

March 22, 2016

Untold Story About Marijuana Super National Geographic Documentary TV —————————————————- Jamaica Dropped the Mic on 4/20 and Told the UN to Get Its Act Together On Weed  By Samuel Oakford On 4/20, the unofficial holiday celebrated by marijuana enthusiasts around the world, Jamaica called for the UN to review the status of cannabis, questioning why the drug is still legally considered as dangerous as heroin under international law. Speaking before…


Stepping High Ganja Festival 2016 … Freedom For All

March 8, 2016

The 13th Annual Stepping High Ganja Festival was certainly an event not to be missed. The Festival is the longest running event of this nature in Jamaica. For the first 11 years of this event due to Marijuana being illegal in Jamaica, it was underground. The link to the website for Stepping High is provided and all the historical information on the event can be found there. This article…


Ganja Terrorism and the Healing of the Nation

January 20, 2016

Introduction: Ganja Terrorism “…This is ‘ganja country.’ We use it at home to make ganja tea. We smoke it in public. We have been trading this drug for years…” The Gleaner Editorial, “The Ganja Culture.” Daily Gleaner, Friday July 27, 2001. In Jamaica, the hemp flower is a much serenaded and celebrated delight. The herb connects to a long and well-established ethno-botanical appreciation, has had primacy within the island pharmacopeia…


Black Farmers Left Out Of New Growing Marijuana Industry.

November 10, 2015

National support for legalizing marijuana has been growing rapidly. Now legalized in 23 states and the District of Columbia for medical use and four states – Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska – and DC for recreational use, cannabis is big business. Independent analysts have valued the legal industry at $3 billion and rising to $10 billion when including ancillary trades and services. Cassandra Farrington, the co-founder and chief executive of…