‘It Would Have Pleased the Spirit of Mr. Garvey’ Helen and James Piper and the Return to Ethiopia’ Conclusion

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January 21, 2016

Physically threatened, disorientated by the profound social changes taking place before their very eyes, many settlers left Ethiopia, selling or entrusting their houses to whomever they could. Little evidence is yet to be found on the re-settlement of Helen and James Piper to the United States. It seems James Piper died tragically in 1981 in the streets of New York City (Bishton 1986: 40).


From Barbados to Liberia: A deep look into the first Barbadian settlement in Liberia

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November 13, 2015

It was Edward Wilmot Blyden in consultation with President Daniel Bashiel Warner who developed the plan to encourage emigration to Liberia from the West Indies. Blyden was Secretary of State. He organised a Commission to the West Indies in 1862 to encourage West Indians to return to the Fatherland and to the first free black republic as Liberians identified their new homeland. Blyden had gone back to his birthplace, St….


Morgan Heritage to apply for Kenyan citizenship

October 20, 2015

Jamaican reggae group Morgan Heritage members will apply for Kenyan citizenship. Famously known as the ‘Royal Family of Reggae’, the group says it will soon make a home in the country. For the last two weeks, the Don Haffi Dread-famed band has been in Kenya, where apart from headlining the Extravaganza concert, they have been engaging in several charity activities.


Why Repatriation Is A Must For Effective African Unity And Liberation

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October 18, 2015

It will be come glaringly more clear to you as you read this article that, Africa needs its sons and daughters from the four corners of the earth to return home and engage themselves in the empowering and development of Africa and Africans. The African diaspora brings with it a wealth of information, labour, engineering and ideas on how the vision of a truly redeemed Africa can be accomplished.