The Cuban Revolution: Still in motion

June 4, 2017

The author’s recent trip to Cuba confirmed his confidence in the power of people to transform their lives. It is also clear that “the US government has not stopped its ceaseless attack on the Cuban Revolution and probably never will as long as the US possesses an imperialist system.” Nevertheless, every Cuban he spoke to “reiterated how the revolution remains non-negotiable.”


Housewife, a fate worse than death

May 29, 2017

Many times the difficulties and ambiguities that women express in discussing wages for housework stem from the fact that they reduce wages for housework to a thing, a lump of money, instead of viewing it as a political perspective.


Soledad Brother: The Prison Letters of George Jackson

November 20, 2016

A collection of Jackson’s letters from prison, Soledad Brother is an outspoken condemnation of the racism of white America and a powerful appraisal of the prison system that failed to break his spirit but eventually took his life. Jackson’s letters make palpable the intense feelings of anger and rebellion that filled black men in America’s prisons in the 1960s. But even removed from the social and political firestorms of the…


Dr. Walter Rodney: Revolutionary intellectual, socialist, Pan-Africanist and historian

October 21, 2016

  Walter Rodney Ajamu Nangwaya  Walter Rodney has demonstrated through thought and action that it is not inevitable for intellectuals to join the systems of oppression and use their knowledge and skills to perpetuate exploitation. They have the option of committing “class suicide.” Rodney called on the intelligentsia to use their knowledge and skills to challenge and undermine oppression.


Samson On The Wall: I sit in my heaven

October 16, 2016

Today I am simply going to share with you some of my morning meditations. In my daily search for inspiration to stand firm on my journey to continue in the tradition of great freedom fighters, I often seek strength and guidance in the words and actions of great women and men who stood in defense of all humanity through their individual and collective efforts to liberate all African people and…


Samson On The Wall …. Keep Calm: Education Revolution In Progress.

October 15, 2016

Last night, The African Heritage Foundation (AHF) working group tasked with developing a curriculum acceptable to the Ministry of Education had its first meeting. One of the attendees who runs a small school, Sister Nailah, presented the group with a curriculum guide for Class 3 (for 9-10 year olds). This curriculum guide should be appropriate for the younger child, Isartesibre Sirine, of the Lashley family charged for not registering and…


We remember in September Steve Biko ” I write what I like “

September 9, 2016

On 12 September 1977, Stephen Bantu Biko died in a prison cell in Pretoria. The announcement of Biko’s death by the South African government the next day sparked international and national protest. Steve Biko was not the only person to die in detention at the hands of the South African security police; yet, because of Biko’s prominence as a charismatic leader of the Black Consciousness Movement, his case captured the…


“Talkin Loud and Saying Nothin” A look at Cultural Nationalism

September 4, 2016

Like a dull knife Just ain’t cutting Just talking loud Then saying nothing James Brown If nothing else, the study of History can be very illuminating in regards to our contemporary situation and issues. It is the gift of historical study that provides the solution to contemporary problems. The realization of such makes the appearance of Cultural Nationalism within our midst downright puzzling; not to mention its appearance amongst an…