The African Heritage Foundation….. What’s it all about and how you can help.

The African Heritage Foundation (AHF ) is a registered charity on the island of Barbados. The videos published in this feature will give you the opportunity to hear and see what the AHF is exactly,  what it is doing, what it intends to do and how you can help.

The first video shown is an introduction to the AHF by its President. The video was done as a donation to assist the AHF in its fundraising efforts by Brother Ray Price who was on the island for a visit, and who came to an event called “Moonlight Drums” that the AHF was invited to host. Before coming to the island Brother Ray had seen the AHF’s GoFundMe Campaign to raise money in an effort to create what would be the first homeschooling or as the AHF calls it, Home Directed Learning Service on the island of Barbados. He without hesitation made a donation to the campaign.  Brother Ray and his family who were on the island from London after his initial donation to the campaign then accepted an invitation from the AHF to attend one of its weekly meetings, and they did just that. Not only did they attend, Brother Ray recorded an interview with the above mentioned president of the AHF and one its members.

The AHF does hope that after viewing the videos you too will offer your assistance to the AHF by making a donation to its GoFundMe campaign.

An introduction to the AHF

Moonlight Drums .. Please note that the AHF will be hosting “Drums On The Hill” on the 22nd April at Wanstead Ridge Park from 5pm to 10pm. This activity is intended to be a fundraising activity to assist with the above mentioned Home Directed Learning Service. The event is free. Food, Drink, Craft, Books, Clothing will be on sale. Bring a drum, shak shak, flute or some other type of instrument that will compliment the DRUM CIRCLE.

The final video is an interview done on a relatively new show called ” The Boiler Room “. This interview goes into depth about the recent advocacy on the part of the AHF in addressing a situation wherein a mother and father were charged with the crime of failing to enroll their two children in a public or private school. The parents also faced the possibility of having their children taken away from them and made wards of the state.

With the assistance of the AHF this family won their two cases, and now the children are being legally Homeschooled. The AHF has also been able to offer through volunteers lessons in English, Maths, Spanish and Information Technology to these two children. Some of the members of the AHF often take the children on various outings to assist further with their socialization.


The AHF is getting ready to host a series of Teacher Training Workshops. The money being raised by the AHF for its Home Directed Learning Service will assist the organization bring into the island persons who will present at these workshops information on how education is developing internationally and what Barbados can do to advance its educational position. Money raised will also help in the development of lesson oriented project videos that can be used by parents who wish to educate their children at home. These videos will be offered on the website that is being developed specially for this AHF education initiative.

Here is the link to the AHF GoFundMe Campign. The AHF thanks you for whatever donation you can afford.

This campaign needs your support

You can also support this initiative of the AHF by purchasing a garment from here.


Much Thanks

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