The Autobiography of Emperor Haile Sellassie I – Volume 2 (Pt 10)

When We were in Addis Abeba, We had the practice of rising early in the morning at 5:00 A. M. to go to church for prayer.


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Since there was no Orthodox Church or chapel at Fairfield, where We could go and pray to God, the practice was discontinued, although in a time of stress, We should have strengthened Our habit of prayer. After suffering a great deal from not having a Chapel, we sent [on Jan 20, 1937] the following letter to Etchege Gebre Giorgis in Jerusalem.


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To His Holiness Etchege Gebre Giorgis.

How are you? Thanks be to God We are well. So far We have been thinking of you. We, on our side, have the intention to attend the assembly [of the League] in person if they permit Us, but if they do not, We will send Our delegation since this is vital to Our objective. Finding it necessary to follow the matter from here, We have decided to stay… in England, and wait for the judgement of Our Creator to resolve Ethiopia’s crisis.

Until the grace of God permits and bids Us farewell to come to Jerusalem, so that We may overcome the problems of worship that We have encountered, and so that Our growing children do not go astray from the foundation of Our religion, I have sent Abba Hanna to you so that he may return with one tabot, five monks, the things necessary for the worship services and a Bible. Discuss the matter with Aleka Gerima and have the things sent to Us before the beginning of Lent. There might be a need to send priests to those exiled in foreign lands. While awaiting further instructions from Us, select monks who are willing to minister to the exiles.


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Accordingly, the monks sent to Us from Jerusalem, Abba Gebre Iyesus, Abba Gebre Mariam, Abba Haile Bruke and Abba Marcos [Agazh Yellew], arrived in Bath on Miazia 21 [April 28], with the Tabot of the Saviour of the World. The tabot was taken to the prepared gallery on Sunday, Miazia 24 [May 1], and it was consecrated on Easter day according to Our country’s customs. From that time on, We practiced Our church’s rituals… in accordance with Our Tradition.

While We were in England We befriended many people and in December 1937, on Christmas day, received more than 1,000… letters and many Christmas greeting cards from America. The Americans asked Us to make a radio speech in order to identify Our supporters and thank them all. Thus, with Ato Wolde Giorgis Wolde Yohannes and Ato Ephraim Tewolde Medhin, We left Paddington Station by taxi for the B. B. C. studios. On Our way the taxi had a collision in which We fractured Our knee bone and suffered great pain.


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We were in such pain that several in the party pleaded with Us to abandon the broadcast and return home. We refused, however, to go back before We had fulfilled Our objective, and, enduring the pain, We continued Our trip to the radio station. There We delivered the speech expected of Us.

Soon after We finished the program, We telephoned a physician living in a district known as Harley Street to get treatment, but We were told that he was not at home. Then We telephoned to the home of Our friend Sir Sydney Barton, but no one was there either.


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Sir Sydney Barton had been the British Minister Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Ethiopia before the Italian invasion. He worked relentlessly to make the problems and hardships We faced a matter of great concern for the British government and exerted much effort to get the Foreign Office to help Us.

While still suffering from the pain of the accident, We left the radio station for The Hospital for Sick Children on Great Ormond Street, where Our daughter Princess Tsehai was practicing nursing. The hospital had earlier invited Us to celebrate Christmas with them, and so as to delight Our daughter and honor the invitation, We endured the pain and attended the party.

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