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The Beatrice Taylor Foundation (BFT), a non-profit organization, based in the United State (U.S.A), has a sole purpose of building a brighter future for youth through education. The organization’s motto is simple, “Empower, Ignite and Inspire one child at a time through education!”

The Beatrice Taylor Foundation, has been in existence just over one year. They have focused their vision on the Ivory Coast. They believe that they could not have found a better country to invest the resources of BFT. They discovered a dedicated group of people doing their best to change the lives of young people in their community. The BTF has decided to come along-side them with its own dedication, strength and commitment to the development of youth through education.
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The Beatrice Taylor Foundation Inc. will provide construction funds for school facilities for a developing school for children [currently 240 attend the school] in Côte d’Ivoire [Ivory Coast] in Vavoua, at the Assemblies of God Church of Vavoua. The goal is $75,000 for this first school project and building facilities ($50,000).
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The two organizations are independent of each other. The funds will be raised by the Beatrice Taylor Foundation Inc. Designated donations for the project will be provided to purchase the building materials needed for the project. The purchases will be under the direct control of the Beatrice Taylor Foundation Inc. through the oversight of the BTF leadership and the onsite BTF team. The projection is that this will take two plus years to raise the support and to construct the facilities.
Additional efforts will be made to support the educational program as well.
The Ivory Coast is a beautiful and fruitful country. A place with endless warm-hearted people, which helps make our decision quite easy when it comes to building schools to promote education and health. Thus, achieving the Foundation’s ultimate goal of “Healthier, Smarter Nations through Education”
Please visit our website and support our mission.
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