The City Of Gold

The City Of Gold

The city of gold
Has a burning halo
Only the elite
Walk their gold-paved street
I've seen a line
Crossed paths with death
You never hear me criticize
But I'm constantly arrested

black poor people 3

With fake accusations
You putting words in my mouth
Unfair taxations
Upon me you sprout
And I never get a pay cut
You just cut the pay
Why don't I just live in the streets
Maybe their lies will be better

black poor people 1

Honestly I know you won't understand
The guy with the suit and tie
Never sees the lady in rags
You are to me
A lion to a lamb

Its unfair and I know
you won't understand

I'm not middle-class
Yet I'm not poor
And the city of gold
doesn't call my name
You'll see me rise
Above my gore
Who's says violence and sin
is the same

black rich people                                               black rich people 1

I beg of you
Of you I plead
The roses there never wilt and die
But you'll see me dying in the streets
Please-answer my cries

I beg of you
Of you I plead
The city of gold
Doesn't call my name
The streets in which you've sinned
Stay my home again and again

black poor people

-T'afari Steede

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