The Mighty Grand Piton …

We want to say kudos to Wesley Louis for his idea to create an animation/cartoon that features a “Caribbean Island”.


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His use of  The Pitons, two mountainous volcanic spires, located in Saint Lucia, in the manner he does, is wonderful. Gros Piton is 798.25 m (2,618.9 ft) high, and Petit Piton is 743 m (2,438 ft) high; they are linked by the Piton Mitan ridge.


Pitons St. Lucia Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave


The Mighty Grand Piton is a short film about a young British girl, Connie, who travels to the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia for her school holidays with her family. There, she accidentally awakens a giant robot buried under the Twin Piton mountains on the south of the Island……..

Click the link provided for more information on this short film and its trailer.

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