The Providence of God … The story of a divine birth.

This morning I ( Simba Simba,Paul Rock) wrote an article on the significance of my earthday (birthday), as I continue to write the story of my life in my autobiography. I am writing this book so that my daughter and hopefully her children will have an account of my life to remember me by. I asked my mother the reason I was named Paul this morning and this is what she told me. Some of it I knew but there was much to the story I did not know. I was so moved by what she shared with me, I wanted to share it with you. Don’t mind you have read this, when the book is published get a copy. 

Leonard ( my father) and I were married on a Thursday morning on 21st December in 1967.  Only a couple weeks prior had had major touch and go surgery for kidney stones, where one of his lungs collapsed in the surgery.  Leonard was desperately ill in so much so that the medical team advised to send for his mother.

At that time he was the ‘second’ minister under Rev. Saunders in the then San Fernando / La Brea Circuit. Daddy was one of the circuit stewards and a local preacher in the San Fernando Methodist Church on the Promenade.  Rev, & Mrs. Saunders and my father took responsibility for him.

I remember her coming and my parents welcomed her and had her stay with us at Pleasantville.  When Mamma arrived and spoke to Leonard, it was a miracle. Even the doctors could not believe how he began to improve slowly but steadily.  She was able to feed him crushed ice, the first food he took in days. She had to leave to go back to Barbados, but she left a son who was going to live. He spent a few more days in hospital until he was able to take soups.

My mother and father took him as their son and when he was discharged, they brought him home to us. He still needed much care and had to go back for dressing daily. Since I was the oldest one home, as Dianne ( my older sister) was already in England studying Nursing, all the helping and running around was given to me.

When Leonard was given the all clear to travel, though he was still bandaged up and needing to see a doctor daily, he told my father that he wanted to take me to Barbados. My father said yes but he would have to marry me. As mentioned we had a small wedding and I came to Barbados for the first time. Leonard was still ill but I had seen God do a miracle in his life. As for me, I was married to one of God’s miracles of life. I make no apologies for this but I cannot doubt the Providence of God.

After returning to Trinidad, Leonard was stationed in Grenville Grenada. A year and a half passed and I was not getting pregnant. Auntie Ianthy ( my aunt) brought me back home for some medical attention and while there, the doctor discovered that I was born with some medical abnormality and needed to have some procedures done if I had to have children. It was all planned for me to return the following year, 1970. I had the date of appointment and everything, to return to T&T. Then one day during a very awful period, while I was in the bathroom, I went down on my knees, crying and asked God to give us a son.  I told him that if He was pleased to give me my request I would offer that child back to Him. Whoever that child is, would be His not mine and I would care that child for Him.

I never told a sole, not even Leonard. In fact I never bothered too much about it because I knew that I was going home for the procedure. But one day in April, as I was at the shop doing my usual Friday grocery shopping – I had walked to the shop as usual, I fainted and fell on the shop floor. The next thing I knew Leonard the shopkeeper and everyone was there ( drama for so- smile) After being checked out by the doctor and put on bed rest I was told that I was pregnant. Of course the others did not believe neither in Grenada or Trinidad.  I kept quiet and said nothing of what I had done, my asking God.  The doctor in Trinidad just did not believe and said that she wanted to see me for herself. So off to Trinidad I go to the specialist who was flabbergasted. She, who did not believe in God could find no explanation. I kept quiet. As for me, I was blessed with another of God’s miracles of life. I make no apologies for this but I cannot doubt the Providence of God.

Then you were born in that little country hospital on a Covenant Sunday. They tell me you were late in coming, because I was too afraid so they had to induce labour. You should have been born sometime a week or so earlier in December. But for me, you had to be born on that Covenant Sunday, the sign of a covenant with God and me where you are concerned.

I don’ remember what names we decided on for you. The truth is that in those days you never knew the sex of the child and so Leonard had girls and boys names. But when you were born, as soon as the nurse took you out and cut the cord, I heard her say, What a lovely big bouncing baby boy, He is a Paul! Leonard looked at me and I said, Yes his name is a Paul. That nurse, Barbara is her name, always came into the room talking about our Paul. We then named you Paul Leonard Rock. As for me, I was blessed with another of God’s miracles of life, the naming of the gift God Himself gave to Leonard, me and the world. I have lived a third miracle in the naming of our son. Your Name is Paul by Divine Giving. I make no apologies for this but I cannot doubt the Providence of God.

I promised God to take care of the son He has given to Leonard and me. I know that you are still His and that He will never break His covenant even when I have fallen far short. Your Name is Divine Given. Through The Lord’s chosen human vessel, by whose hands He used to bring you into this world, by the mouth of the same vessel, He named you. I have lived too much of God’s Providence to begin doubting what He says and does and how He does it.

Thanks for listening. There is much to tell about His Providence and Grace.

Linda Rock

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