The Revolutionary African Leader who invented World’s Safest Car

Gaddafi's legacy and ideology, ought to be taught in every single academic institution throughout Africa.

Check out photos of one of Muammar Gaddafi‘s great inventions named “Saroukh el-Jamahiriya”, which means “Libyan Rocket”. The car was designed by Gaddafi and is described as a revolutionary model in the history of automotives, said to be the safest car in the world. The car is designed to resemble a rocket in shape from its front and tail end, and is powered by a 3-liter V6 engine which delivers a max power of 230 horsepower. It is 17 feet long and about six feet wide. The car was unveiled after an African Union conference in 2009, held in Tripoli and organized by Gaddafi.

The Libyan Rocket automobile features multiple airbags, has collapsible bumpers that helps during a crash, and an electronic defense system. The car can go hundreds of miles on a flat tire, a feature that could come in handy while driving in the vast Libyan desert. Other safety features include a device to cut off the fuel supply to avoid fire in case of accident. As at the time the Rocket-shaped car was unveiled at the 2009 African Union conference, production was set to begin in Tripoli, Libya’s capital where an automobile factory was to be built, but after Obama came into power same year, his administration used Obama’s image to blind Africa and her people, including the televised assassination of Muammar Gaddafi under America’s first black president’s reign, systematically re-colonizing Africa to keep us economically poor and dependent.

During this period (2009), some where asking: Why is Libya building a car, and why did Col. Gaddafi design it? Simple: Safety! According to reports, the invention of the World’s Safest Car was in response to the high number of people killed and injured annually on Libya’s roads, Gaddafi had to step in with a revolutionary and visionary solution, which resulted to him designing this car. According to reports, a spokesperson at the 2009 AU conference had this to say about the world’s safest car: “The leader spent so many hours of his valuable time thinking of an effective solution. It is the safest car produced anywhere.”

According to some reports, the Libyan Rocket car was a project funded by the Libyan Arab Domestic Investment Company, which also planned to set up a factory in Tripoli to start production of the car. Italian car manufacturer Tesco TS, was hired to handle the production of the prototype, said to have cost upwards of $2.85 million.

If just half, or even a quarter of African leaders, share the same ideology and vision as Gaddafi, Africa’s economy would be one of the strongest, if not the strongest, in world economy — today.

by Inform Africa on November 2, 2014.

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