The UNIA gives birth to the Afrikan Heritage Foundation (AHF)

Our Afrikan Heritage (OAH) digital publication celebrates the 100th anniversary  of The Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA)

The UNIA was founded on July 20, 1914 when Marcus Garvey recruited its first member, Amy Ashwood, and held the organization’s first meeting at 121 Orange Street in Kingston.

A month later the UNIA began holding weekly public meetings at the Collegiate Hall on Church Street and by 1920 was the largest Pan African Organization.

In thoughtful reflection, acknowledgement and respect for the work of Marcus Garvey, OAH has registered and is now an organization that is founded on the visions , principles and some of the working methodologies of the UNIA. What is also significant about this action taken by the OAH is that it came at a time when United Nations(UN) was about to launch the Decade For People Of Afrikan Descent.

Over the past several years OAH has been hosting community events with its most noted to date the SANKOFA Festival which was launched in 2011.

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The hosting of cultural events brought OAH to the stark realization that contrary to the ideal of Marcus Garvey and the essence of Pan Afrikanism, there are no cultural organizations that have sufficient economic power or critical mass to effect a revolutionary shift in the nations mind set or to effect the systematic social changes needed to ensure our people a brighter and a more prosperous future.  OAH noted that Pan Afrikan movements is Barbados had no websites, no strong social media presence, no newspaper/newsletter, no regular radio or television programming and hence the movement in Barbados is relegate to a few converted people. Why is this OAH asks? The answer jumps right up without hesitation, we have no economic power to do what is needed and no mass of individuals working with a common purpose putting pressure on the politicians and policy makers to march us up the road of sovereignty.

OAH through its community activities, activism and online interactions found itself  in a solid position to usher forward what is intended to be, the most revolutionary cultural organization for the empowerment of the people seen in Barbados since the riots.


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What is the African Heritage Foundation (AHF)?

The AHF is a Non Governmental Organisation (non-profit) that has brought together people of various backgrounds and social standings to work together to effect great social change. The AHF is working under the principle of Reparations with a focus on self repair.This organisation is for the economic benefit of people who have historically been disadvantaged by the existing social, economic and political structures. The economic development of our people will be based on a system of pooling minimal resources to achieve substantial returns. It is also geared toward empowering those who yearn to see greater social and cultural integration between the Afrikan consciousness and the greater Barbadian society, with special focus on the youth.

How does the AHF intend to effect great social change?

The AHF will initially create a solid economic base from which its members will derive great benefits. The AHF will attract numerous people who will utilize this economic base to help foster positive social development. Our organisations do not have firm, sustainable economic bases and thus cannot operate to their full potential.

How does the AHF intend to build this firm sustainable economic base?

The AHF has at present approximately 30 + persons who have committed to being members of the organisation. Under the membership agreement, everyone joining the organization will be tasked with bringing into the fold of the AHF new membership. The AHF continues to advocate for membership through its services to the wider community. At present the AHF is of the mind set that, the more valued contributions to the society are made by the organization, the more people will see the worth of the AHF and join it. Administrative costs will be covered by a membership fee of $10. The organisation’s revenue collected from dues will be used to facilitate small expenses incurred in the operation of the AHF. The main economic sustainability of the AHF will come through various business developed through the collective. Funding for major projects will be sought from various local and international agencies in the initial stages of the AHF.

Registration fee $10 … Membership dues 50 cents per day, $3.50 weekly or $15 monthly. All persons that are members for over 3 months will be issued with the Afrikan Home Bank. These banks will be placed in the homes of members to serve as reminders of their collective economic responsibility to the AHF.

African Home Bank 1 African Home Bank 2

What activities will the organisation be involved in:

Through the establishment of 9 Operational Orders (OOs) as it grows, the AHF will address various aspects of our social and economic development:

  1. Education. School programmes, vacation camps, national youth debates, reading materials and activity books for children will be developed through this OO. At present the AHF is in the process of developing a home school system and an Afrikan academy called B.A.A.S.E ( Barbados Alkebulan Academy for Social Empowerment.
  2. Events/Social Programme Planning. This OO  plans and executes several social events throughout the year. Examples of events are the annual Afrikan heritage fair (Sankofa), cultural shows, lectures, panel discussions, rallies, community assistance activities.
  3. Agriculture. The AHF will acquire agricultural land to develop an organic farm. This OO will also affiliate itself with other organisations that have their grounding in organic farming. At present a home garden collective is being developed by members of the Foundation.
  4. Marketing and Promotion. All AHF businesses, activities, AHF supported businesses and the foundation itself are marketed and promoted through this OO.
  5. Business Development. The AHF will establish several businesses and make investments that will effectively increase the Foundation’s revenue. It will also issue loans and business development assistance to ensure the success of all AHF supported and funded businesses. This OO will also be responsible for the creation and management of the AHF civil service and bureau of employment.
  6. Social Care. Community outreach programmes focused on our elders and youth will be developed through this OO. A nursing service, a youth and elder interaction programme, rehabilitation services, nurseries and babysitting services will be established through this OO.
  7. Security. A Security Service will be used to ensure the safety of persons attending all AHF events. It will also be for hire outside of AHF activities. This OO will also be responsible for instruction in self defence courses for AHF members and the general public.
  8. Health. This OO will operate a holistic health clinic and manage a herbal dispensary. It will work closely with the Social Care OO to oversee health related issues in our membership and the general public. An online herbal dispensary has been started by the AHF. You can find the dispensary here on the website.
  9. Sports. Sporting activities will be developed in this OO. The OO will establish various AHF sports teams such as a football team, a cricket team and a netball team and it will support the development of promising athletes. The AHF Sport's OO will host numerous tournaments in various sporting disciplines.

What are the benefits for members of the AHF?

Members of the AHF are afforded special privileges in AHF organised events. Privileges will vary depending on the event and will be determined by the collective. These privileges will include discounted prices on tickets for any event hosted by AHF. It will also include free access to space to promote and sell their products or services at any AHF hosted event. For any event that has limited space for attendance, AHF members will be afforded the first option to attend and will pay a discounted price. AHF members that would like to view events that are streamed live via our website discounted rates or free viewing.

AHF members are afforded free access to our health services.

Members with businesses will be offered free or discounted advertising on this website and any form of media representing the AHF.

Members with new businesses will be offered assistance with its development. Financial assistance, technical assistance, marketing support, accounting or bookkeeping services, legal support and administrative assistance will be offered.

Members with children attending primary and secondary schools will be offered a book grant in the second year of AHF operations. It is intended that members will take full advantage of B.A.A.S.E and its home schooling service.

Members will be offered one small loan per year to help with personal utility bills that are in danger of being terminated. This service will commence in the third year of AHF operations or as the organization is financially able to do so.

Members may receive the AHF Afrikan food basket once per month. This service will commence in conjunction with the establishment and successful functioning of the agriculture programme. Due to logistics, this service is restricted to local members.

Members will be afforded emergency assistance. Cases seen as emergencies will have their matters prioritised and solutions discussed and implemented expeditiously.

Members wishing to repatriate will be offered assistance with the move. This service will be offered after the AHF has been effectively functioning for 5 years or more and is able to do so.

Members will be afforded special discounts in all AHF created and assisted businesses/institutions. It will be mandated in our loan agreements that all AHF assisted businesses be listed in the AHF directory and offer all AHF members agreed discounted prices on goods and services. The percentage of discount would depend on the product or service.

All business loans will be offered interest free with terms and conditions.

All updates of the Foundation's progress and all related matters will be circulated via AHF meeting minutes. The OAH will remain the official media source of the AHF. All activities previously hosted by the OAH will now come under the auspices of the AHF.

AHF is a Barbados based organization with membership open to the international community.

Should you want to be a member of the AHF please indicate this by email to

At present the AHF is actively involved in representing a Rastafari couple who were wrongfully charged with home schooling against the law and who face the possibility of the children being taken away from them. It is the hope of the AHF that you read the three links provided below. It is further hoped that you are moved to make a contribution to the efforts of the AHF to develop a home school system. A number of volunteers have offered their services in both teaching and administration. The AHF needs to raise $1000USD to facilitate the legal registration.

Should you be willing to make a small or large donation to this effort please contact us by whatsapp or call 1 246 268 7084 or email at to arrange how you can make your contribution.

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