The Vision Is Clear.

The African Heritage Foundation (AHF) is presently engaged in a number of projects aimed at developing its economic, educational, social and agricultural capacity. Each area of development is directly connected to the other. The long term aim of this organisation is to create a model of successful collective development that can be duplicated by other organisations, communities and the state.

The AHF has set its foundation in education and as such sees the development of its African centred academy as its main immediate objective. One of the components of the Barbados Alkebulan Academy for Social Empowerment (BAASE) will be a Home Schooling Service. The AHF has already started assisting parents with applications to the Ministry of Education to home school their children, along with curricula and lesson plan development.

This significant undertaking by the AHF requires some funding and as such several economic building ventures are being carried out by this charity. The first venture was to find a suitable space to house the AHF and the BAASE administration, a space that would also facilitate business initiatives, certain classes and workshops. On the 7th July 2017, the AHF entered into an agreement that would facilitate its needs for space. Ms Bannister, owner of a property that needs some renovations, has agreed to let the AHF occupy that space and do the repairs needed so it can commence with the above stated initiatives.

 Signing of agreement at AHF weekly meeting

 Some AHF members with Ms Bannister in center.

 Gift of an AHF Hekima Wisdom Wear T-Shirt for Ms Bannister

 Property that will now be the new home of the AHF

To assist with renovation costs, the AHF started an organic agriculture project in March, which first consisted of the clearing of the land which was done initially without the use of a tractor.


At present the AHF is selling produce from their garden.



Should you wish to find out more about the AHF or make a donation to this organisation’s initiatives please contact us at: whatsapp:  268-7084 Facebook: AHFCaribbean or Email: . You are also invited to download our phone app and subscribe to our website here.

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