Author: Sonia Williams

Review done by: Simba Simba

Simple! It is said that the most beautiful things in life are the simple things in life. It is the little things that are easily overlooked, yet when noticed can extract a profound feeling of serenity. The walk on the beach at dusk, a sweet juicy fruit, a gaze into the moon or just a drive into the countryside are but a few of the simple things that add value to our hectic and complex lives. This is the euphoric feeling one is left with after strolling through the pages of “This Too Will Pass”.

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“This Too Will Pass” transports our minds and even our spirits into the world of the matriarch.  The words seem to lift off the pages transforming into a holographic image before your mind’s eye. Every reader becomes Amanda the child from whose eyes this narrative is conveyed. It is from these eyes we discern the crucial duty of the matriarch in family life. A duty that is strengthened and supported by generational wisdom relayed from an ancient time to the point that we now stand. From the birth of a new family member to the departing of another, the matriarch remains the tower of strength. The Grandmother, “Gran” the spiritual connector and advisor is ever vigilant in her duties. This duty is beautifully portrayed in how “Gran” feels when, in an unguarded moment, ill befalls her family. Although beyond her physical control, the sense of responsibility expressed by the matriarch at this point clearly directs the reader to the accountability that Gran places on herself for the protection of the family. “Gran” the all seeing guardian and seemingly infallible Goddess is realistically humanised by bad judgement, stubbornness and submission to community pressure. The humanisation of “Gran” is further compounded in the recognition of her mistakes in intimate conversation with her grandchild. This is a moment of surrender and incredible strength of character that again highlights the office of the Goddess held by “Gran”.

Set in the picturesque serenity of the Bajan countryside, “This Too Will Pass” vividly imposes on the mind the living conditions of the newly freed slave at that time. Poverty is the devil and its conditions of living a hell. Masterful is the word that best describes how this hell is metamorphosised into a heaven through the eyes of little Amanda. On the whole, Amanda’s perception of her environment is a delightful portrayal of the innocence of a child.

This little giant of a book, no more than an hour’s concentrated reading, magisterially smashes the boundaries of the corporeal into that of the esoterical. The knowing without knowing, the hearing without hearing and the seeing without seeing is so skilfully interjected, you can easily miss the dimension shift and misconstrue the scenario as physical.

After reading this book I am left with two distinct feelings. The first journey this publication carries me on is to my own childhood and the figures in it that stand out in my mind’s eye. The good, the bad and the ugly all come rushing back with a newfound appreciation. The second emotion I am left with is one to establish a greater connection with my own Grandmothers, the one who is with me at this time and the one that has passed. “This Too Will Pass” leaves me with a warm and anxiously calm feeling of gratitude for my life.

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