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Blessed love to everyone, my name is Trisha.L.Joseph the proud mother of three wonderful children. Poetry is my passion, and it is through this that I express myself. Poetry is my journal, my diary. My words to myself lift me, they give me the power to go on, to dig deeper, to reach further. I know that I am not alone in my life's challenges and others have similar trials and share similar experiences and as such my words may in some way be of service to them in their empowerment of self.

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Recently I met a lady online who was very down and discourage, who felt like giving up, so I reached out to her with my poetry and she was inspired, she was uplifted, now she's on a positive path. That was the sign that showed me the power and value of my words. I am greatly encouraged now to keep going, keep writing as I see clearly my life's purpose.

I am fulfilled through my giving, my sharing  and my love. I feel humbled to know that from my little corner, hearts, minds and souls are touched.

I know my words will be uplifting and will be of encouragement to you as well

I start my corner with 3 poems and will be publishing one weekly. This is my life I share with you and I invite you to leave me a comment, ask question. Let us use these words of mine to bring us a little closer.

So sit back, relax and enjoy!!!


Week Starting 15/11/2015

Wow! Can you believe it? This week marks one month I have opened my diary to the world. As I celebrate this milestone in my poetic expressions, I constantly reflect on by beginnings with the pen, and all that it has allowed me to do and all that it has allowed me to be. I anxiously look forward to what my pen will shape and mold me into as it flows. Thank you for letting my pen and I into your space.

A Poetic Journey

By: Trisha Joseph

A Poetic Journey of devotion
Such devotion of love and loyality
Dedication and determination
Guidance and strength
Passion and courage
A Poetic Journey of rhyme
Rhyme and movement
Grooving and moving
Wineing in motion
A Poetic Journey to eliminate
Eliminate all the negative energy
And accept the positive vibes
A Poetic Journey of encouragement
Encouragement and upliftment
To own it and flow it
A Poetic Journey to embrace and acknowledge
To pray and be humble
A Poetic Journey
Today being a new day
Courageous and caring
In control of emotions
A Poetic Journey
Of fight and faith
Of vision and truth
Of triumph and testimony
A Poetic Journey
Of stability to conquer
In vision of victory
Victorious and empowered
A Poetic Journey
To humble beginnings
Of life's test
Testing skills,faith and limits
A Poetic Journey
That's mystic and captivating
That's impressive and aspireing
A Poetic Journey
That's fulfilling and satisfying
A Poetic Journey to embrace

poetic journey 1


Week Starting 8/11/2015

Another week is upon us and I give thanks for the days gone and give thanks for the days to come. This week as I write in my diary I celebrate the uniqueness of myself and I urge you to celebrate the things that make you different, the things that make you special.

Cut From A Different Cloth

By: Trisha Joseph

I'm cut from a different cloth

Cut from the finest silk

Cut from the softest cotton

I'm cut from a different cloth

Embroidered with precise stitch

Engraved with accurate precision

I'm cut from a different cloth

Cut from a cloth that's unique

A cloth that's unheard of

Unheard of until today

A cloth that's gorgeous

A cloth that's delicate

I'm cut from a different cloth

A cloth that's glistening

A cloth that's hand woven

I'm cut from a different cloth

A cloth that's extra ordinary

A cloth that's extra special

I'm cut from a different cloth

A cloth that's super natural

A cloth that's authentic

A cloth that's extra original

I'm cut from a different cloth

A cloth that's shimmering

A cloth like none other

This fabric, this cloth

It's like sunshine

Radiantly beaming It's like a breath of fresh air

Refreshingly satisfying

It's like dew on a misty night mystic and captivating

It's like the oceans crashing waves forceful and pounding

This fabric, this cloth

It's like a rainbow after a rainy day

Colorful and eye catching

This cloth, it's like pollen

Fertilizing and nurturing

A beautiful lavender flower

I'm cut from a different cloth

Cut from a different cloth




It is the 1st of November 2015, and as I share with you my meditations of the week passed I must let you know that I gave my first ever on stage renditions of one of my poems. I give much thanks for that and what made it all the more special was that at the end of the night, Afrikan women were celebrated and honoured. I will soon be sharing the recording of that moment with you. A historical night for me and I must share it with you.

Life's Test

By:Trisha Joseph

Life in general is a test

A test to see if you are focused

A test to see if you are on track

A test to test you

Test your skills

Test you faith

Test your limits

Life is a challenging test

A test on turning test into testimony

Testimony to uphold

Testimony to behold

Testimony to unfold

Life is a test

So do your best

Your best in everything that you do

In everything that you say

So you would pass this test

Pass this test with flying colors

Life is really a test

A test that can multiply or subtract

A test of addition or division

But your total would be a plus

Your total is a must

Your total is your triumph

Is rein supreme

Life is a test

A test for you to complete

A test for you to win

A test so you'll know which is the right way to go

And you'll know because I'm sure

You won't take that dark

That dark and lonely road

You'll choose that bright road

With a clear vision

So you can see you surroundings

So surround your life with Positivity and Productively

That would provide you with victory

Victory in knowing that

You've passed Life's Test

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Awakening Dimension

By: Trisha Joseph

I've awaken my dimension

Awaken my purity

Awaken my knowledge

Awaken my vision

Awaken my purpose

I've awaken my dimension

My dimension as a beautiful black woman

A woman, a mother, a daughter

A friend, a lover, a wife to be

To be some day

An ambassador of truth

Of courage and peace

I've awaken my dimension

To be a Queen

A Queen of royalty

To sit on my throne

To rule my Queendom

To awaken my people

I've awaken my dimension

To educate and elevate

To uncover the truth

I've awaken my dimension

Of elegance, that beauty on the inside as well as the outside

I've awaken my dimension

To demonstrate my order

To deliver my courage

It's spontaneous and special

It's impressive and courageous

I've awaken my dimension

A dimension of true strength

A dimension of true power

Of hope of aspiring myself

A dimension of triumph

A dimension of victory

I'm on a mission

A mission to awaken

Awaken my dimension

t joseph 2


How time is moving swiftly. It is the week of 25/10/2015 and my ink is ever flowing. In my diary this week I write .....

Different Meditation

By:Trisha Joseph

I'm on a totally different meditation

A meditation so deep

A meditation on a different level

I'm on a different meditation

A meditation so steep

A meditation of stability

A meditation on awareness

So therefore I won't fear this

I'm on a different meditation

A meditation on poetry

A meditation on future

A meditation on spreading

On spreading my worthy character

I'm on a different meditation

A meditation of finally feeling

Finally feeling grounded

Finally feeling worthy

Worthy to be all

All that I've been created to be

I'm on a different meditation

A meditation that nothing or no one can stop this

A different meditation

With different ambitions

With a different mindset

So don't even try to offset my meditation

I'm on a different meditation

On meditation on a higher heights

On a transformation heights

On a Queen heights

I'm on a different meditation

A meditation so powerful

So powerful that it empowers me

It empowers me spiritually

I'm on a different meditation

A meditation of harmony

I'm on a different meditation

A meditation of accomplishment

So I'll promise you this

The best is yet to come

I'll keep on bringing it

Because I'm on a different meditation

meditation 1


From A Negative To A Positive

By:Trisha Joseph From a negative to a positive

Just when I thought I was breaking down

Just when I thought it would destroy me

Just when I thought I had lost all hope

I said to myself, girl shake that off

Shake that off and move forward

Shake that off and push forward

You must turn this negative into a positive

Prove it to yourself

That you can do anything

Prove it to yourself

That you are a champion

Prove it to yourself

That you will still walk with your head up

Proud of yourself because you did it

You turned a negative into a positive

If you have the courage to begin

You have the courage to succeed

Succeed in all things

All things possible

Nothing is impossible

Not when you believe in yourself

I said to myself, it's about time you came out your shell

It's about you emerged from your cocoon

Emerge and spread your wings

Emerge and spread your words

Words that will touch others

Words that will uplift others

Words to relate to

Words that would reach out to your heart

You'll feel these words

You'll feel strengthen from these words

The greatest secret of life is that

There are no limits

The only limits we ever experience

Are self-imposed

So turn all negatives into positives

And free Free yourself from bondage

meditation 2meditation 3


This is the week of 18/10/2015 and I have something special to share with you from my diary. Welcome and enjoy my life in poem.

Looking forward to hearing fro you.

Own it By: Trisha Joseph
Own it, define it,label it,it's yours.
Print it,express it,flow it,it's yours.
Ownership of poem,
Ownership of excitement,
Ownership of passion,
Embrace it, it's yours
Own it, record it, video it, it's yours
I'll stamp my name all over the world I shall be known
And known for my poems
Known of my flow
Known for my message
The truth shall be told I shall not quiver
Quiver from my past
Because at last
I Own It, at last
Although sometimes it feels just like a battlefield I'm fighting,
fighting to keep it real
Real most importantly to me
Still I continue to ask Him for that strength
That strength that I always need
Always need to get through everyday
Everyday is a different day A better day
Because I woke up and I said my prayers
My life isn't perfect
Nothing or no one really is
But still, still I Own it
I Own it to be real
Real with my purpose
Real with my connection
My connection to you
Because I truly feel that without you
Without you there would be no me
No me to own this
Own it,
Own My Poetry
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Lust and Temptation By: Trisha Joseph
Lust and temptation
Is there much difference
Can one feel or experience lust and temptation
But still being faithful
Still being faithful
Because there's no kissing or penetration
Is it really possible
Really possible to be weak
Weak because you are vulnerable
Some would surely take advantage of that
Advantage to the fullest
Then use it against you
They'll try to ruin you
So never show that weakness
Even if you may feel that way
Stand Strong,
Stand Firm
Cause if you allow that to control your actions
That lust and temptation
It would definitely drag you down
Drag you through the gutter
So don't utter, negative words
Don't encourage the snakes
Who would hissssss but to me that's a sure miss,so don't diss
This is my time, my time to uplift and elevate
All who truly need it
All who honestly feel it
All who know exactly what I'm talking about
Who are determine to hold it down
Who are dedicated to hold the faith
Who are winners in life
Who are winners for life
So to that Lust and Temptation
Hear this, listen attentively
You could never concur me
You know why because I'm a fighter
A fighter till the very end.
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New Day
By:Trisha Joseph
Just when I thought I was caving in
He gave me that inner strength
He gave me that inner peace
That inner love
To never give up
Never give up on Him
Never give up on me
I've never felt more empowered
I've never felt more uplifted
I'm glowing I'm shinning Brighter than a diamond
I'm humbled by my flaws
My mess will be a message
A message to all
To always stand your ground
Never hold a frowned .............. Life is a learning lesson
He never gives us more than we can handle
Therefore never crumble or tumble into temptations
Love yourself, embrace you
Love over evil
Today is a new day, my third eye has never been more open
Open to the fakers
Open to the haters
Open to love
To the reality of life
To the wolves in sheep clothing
To the righteous ones
It's a new journey Better days and nights to come, brighter days and nights to come
Change in a positive light I'm free to be me
Free to embrace Trisha
I've grown to realize that I must whole heatedly LOVE and RESPECT me "Full 1000" and more
Nothing less is accepted
trisha joseph 1

This Flow
By:Trisha Joseph
This flow it's majestic
Flowing like a river
This flow, it's inspiring
It's spiritual food
That we crave for
Such we desire
This flow it's incredible
Way beyond measure it's my absolute pleasure
To express my flow
This flow, it's epic it's like none other, it's just like Trisha
A flow that's ironic
Making me feel like, I'm on a mountain
Making me feel like, I'm flying high
Flowing and flying higher than an eagle soaring to new and wonderful heights
Higher than the sky
Striving for excellence
Visionary excellence success through flow
Flow through success, everlasting courage
Courage to believe in myself to face any and all fears
Expect the unexpected
Deliver that flow
Cause yah know, when you do
You'll see that it's not that scary
You'll realize it's not that hard
Not that hard to flow
Once you open that hidden door
Once you reveal your hidden beauty
You'll impress even YOU
So flow, flow till your cup overflows
Then and only then you'll unleash that strength
Then and only then you'll feel your own personal flow
Now that's my FLOW!!!
trisha joseph 3

Passion Poetry
By:Trisha Joseph
As we sway and tap to the beat of the drum
This Passion Poetry it's profound I long for this
I prayer for this
I'm humbled by this
Most importantly I'm blessed by all this Passion Poetry, it feels so good It's surely no flops or holts
No gimmicks or fakes
It's legit, its original
Just like a general Passion Poetry it's remarkable
My three children they encourage me
Encourage me to keep going
Encourage me to be the best that I can possibly be
Encourage me to be me I'm loving this Passion Poetry
It's unique,it's beautifully written It's a masterpiece of poetry
This Passion Poetry It's my domain
This is my territory
Here is where I feel at peace
Here is where I feel at home
This Passion Poetry It shall be my stronghold
I'll never fold or take it for granted
Cause before I never even imagined
Never imagined me being accepted
Accepted and encouraged for my My Passion Poetry
trisha joseph 4

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  1. I am going to love this corner. This is the beginning of great things. Give thanks to those of you who inspire us with your words. Keep the ink flowing.

  2. I’m truly humbled by my courage of facing my personal fears. Being on stage Friday uplifted me in many ways
    I Give Thanks!!

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