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The African Heritage Foundation (AHF) is of the opinion that the people of Barbados must be prepared for the impending referendum on the legalization of cannabis for recreational/therapeutic use.

As a Civil Society Organization (CSO) the AHF in its limited media capacity has embarked on a movement of cannabis advocacy based on education, for legalization of the plant. Thus far the AHF has published numerous articles on the medicinal benefits, social impacts (including violent crime) and economic gains to be had through the legalization of cannabis on its website. It has also started a petition drive that is requesting the Prime Minister and relevant ministers of her government, to meet with the public to discuss a moratorium on the arrest of persons for small quantities of cannabis and small home garden cultivation. Further to this an online petition has been started that is focused on presenting the person taking it, with factual evidence based on professional research and analyst that supports cannabis legalization. You are invited to read the information and sign the petition at the end of this article.


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The AHF is also in the process of preparing a survey that is aimed at further cannabis education and information gathering on the issue of cannabis legalization for recreational/therapeutic purposes. The AHF is taking to the streets of Barbados. It is intended that this survey be conducted in all parishes within varied communities. It will also be available online. The National Cannabis Survey Initiative (NCSI) will include information gathered from visitors to the island and businesses.


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It will take a national effort to advance the legalization of cannabis in a manner that everyone is able to equitably benefit from positive just cannabis reform in Barbados.

What will we do with all this information and signatures gathered? We will share it with the Prime Minister as we politely ask her to meet with the people of Barbados to discuss the issue at hand. Information gathered will be sent to be analyzed and the results made public through all available media. In failing to successfully attain the justice we advocate for from these initial actions, legal steps will be taken and all information gathered used in those proceedings.


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Those who incarcerated us for cannabis use, cultivation and sale, now want to become the sole proprietors of cannabis business. This must not be!

It is the opinion of the AHF that on its present trajectory “Medical Cannabis” will benefit the few economically while those who have been historically persecuted and prosecuted for cannabis use will be marginalized in a growing global industry. While we advocate for economic representation and justice in the impending Barbados cannabis industry, our primary focus must be the ceasing of arrest of people for small amounts of cannabis and small home garden cultivation.


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The AHF is seeking persons who will volunteer to join its team of pollsters. Persons who  will assist in the conducting of this National Cannabis Survey Initiative (NCSI). If you would like to volunteer your services for this NCSI, and would like some more details, please call or whatsapp 260-4795 or email the AHF at info@afrikanheritage.com



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