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George Cook started baking when he was a child. Growing up with the delightful tastes of cookies baked by his mother he was exposed to the wonderful world of cookies from an early age.

As time traveled on and age started setting in George’s mother could not keep up with his cookie demands, and decided it was time to teach her son how to make his own cookies and give her a rest. Throughout his teenage days George became really good at cookie making and would readily share them with friends and family. He was so good at cookie making that it was often told to him that he should make a career or bake for money, but he had no intention of doing so.

With a change in the economy George like many other people would seek to find extra income outside of his daily employment. He toyed with some ideas for this additional income but was never totally enthused by what he was turning over in his mind in these regards. As he browsed through Facebook one day he came upon someone selling cakes and promoting it through this most popular social media site. Instantly the lights came on in his head.


“Hey” he said to himself, if they can sell cakes, I can sell cookies and with this he was off to build his cookie empire.


Samples would lead the way to the building of his empire. Friends, family and the odd stranger would be invited to taste his creations and from their feedback he would add or subtract until he reached cookie perfection.

George now is sailing in smoother waters with his business and is constantly seeking expansion.

OAH encourages you to try George’s cookies and support him in all the cookie endeavors and we hope and pray his cookie empire does not crumble but will grow from strength to strength.

We invite you now to browse through the “Cookie Shop” website. There are cookies for everyone. From diet to vegan cookies George’s Cookie Shop has them all.


Claudia Jordan (model,actress, radio and TV personality) with her Cook’s Cookie

George says “I ship cookies all over the countryas well as into Canada. The idea is bringing homemade cookies right to your door. I have several different flavors and continue to expand my menu. In most cased it takes cookies 1-3 days to arrive to you depending on your location.

cookie 1http://www.cookscookies.com/

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