When hopelessness gives way to hope in the street.

I think one of the best feelings you can get as a person is to see someone you care about lift themselves from a place of hopelessness to one of hope.

A couples years ago I used to lime in a place called “Temple Yard”. Now “Temple Yard” is a business space located in the city of Barbados (Bridgetown) that is occupied by members of the Rastafari community. The Rastafari community is a financially poor one, and as we know, where poverty is king, crime is prince. However, in this space that is in an improvised state, Rastafari’s only crime is the use of cannabis. That being said, criminal elements have taken advantage of the open love of Rastafari to frequent the space causing flare up’s of violence once in a while.

It is in environment that I would find myself daily to play dominoes, listen to music, reason about our social conditions, reason about our history and of course partake in our sacrament as Rastafari. This was also the environment that I would meet a young man, beaming with energy, but in need some direction. I know him to this day only as “Monies”. “Monies” is not the type of individual that you would play (joke) with. A very angry young man, that was highly explosive and reactionary. Fearless and strong, he is a warrior of the street. I had many a hard fought battle with him on the dominoes table, lol.

 Monies at the AHF HQ.

I have not been to “Temple Yard” in about three years now. Late last year “Monies” came to the African Heritage Foundations’ headquarters to look for me. He had with him a craving he had done of a woman washing her hair at the standpipe. A tree is growing from the back of the standpipe. Cracks in the wood are skillfully carved around to give the impressions of scars on the woman’s body who is at the standpipe. The carving is called “Adversity”, “Monies” told me. He said, “Note that through this adversity the tree grows and she is smiling”. Life and happiness despite adversity I thought to myself.

“Monies” would leave that piece at the AHF HQ with orders not to sell it as that was the first piece he had attempted. In that moment I felt so proud of him and wished that the AHF could do something to assist with his development.

Today “Monies” returned to collect his darling carving and brought two more to replace it. This time the pieces could be sold I was told. I was happy to hear this.  Many people passing through the AHF HQ wanted top buy “Adversity”. Now, with these two pieces that could be sold. I could do just what I am doing now, trying to assist him with selling his work.

Although my brother is working and in good spirits he is still financially challenged in a major way. He walked some distance, at least an hour to come see me with an injured leg to bring me his work. An AHF member who was at the HQ when “Monies” came, gave him bus passage so he would not have to walk back from whence he came.

I do hope that this article will bring my little brother ‘Monies” a well-deserved sale very soon. Nothing would bring more joy to me, the AHF family and of course “Monies” than to be able to call him with the news of a sale of his work. His work is done with Mahogany wood.

Please help the AHF to help this young man by purchasing one of his pieces.


The Jockey $400 BDS  $200 USD

 Rip Tide $300

Walk Good Brother Monies

Written by Simba Simba


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