Why November 16th Barbados?

October 12th, 2020 has passed and the government of Barbados did not move the Nelson Statue on the date most Pan-Africanists, and other conscious persons of Barbados, who appreciate historical facts have been lobbying for, for 20 years.

Instead they will take down the statue on November 16th as confirmed by a member of parliament.


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The question to be asked is why November 16th? If the Nelson statue was erected as the first symbol of white supremacy, and has been standing as such for over 207 years, and if October 12th has been used by Caucasians to signified a date of white supremacy for over 500 years why has the government ignored these facts choosing November 16th to remove the statue instead of October 12th? The date November 16th has no historic significance to the liberation of people of African descent, and will not disrupt the spiritual wickedness of white supremacy.

The year 2020 is proving to be the most turbulent of years since 1493 when Columbus arrived in the Caribbean on his second visit and started the process of genocide, rape, enslavement and disruption of the cultures of people of African descent. The removal of the Nelson Statue as a symbol of white supremacy should be on a date of importance to the liberation struggle; for example January 1st, the date of the Haitian revolution victory, April 14th, the great rebellion of the enslaved Africans of Barbados, August 23rd UNESCO Day for the remembrance of slavery and it’s abolition and October 12th the date in 1492 when the indigenous black people of the Caribbean showed kindness to Columbus and his crew.


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Removing the statue of Lord Nelson on any other date would be a disservice and betrayal to the spiritual liberation of people of African descent. By removing the statue on a date of no significant to the struggle Barbados may therefore have to pay a heavy price for such a betrayal as it was the first total slave society, and the first country to have passed an act of parliament that legally dehumanized black people, (the 1661 Slave Code of Barbados ).

Therefore, I make one last appeal to the government and people of Barbados to think carefully of the consequences of removing the Nelson Statue on a date of no significance,  in relation to the healing and reconciliation process.


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To the young black people of African descent across CARICOM. October 12th ,,,,,, this date was claimed by Europeans as Discovery Day, and Columbus Day for many years, and the legacy from those claims has impacted the lives of everyone living in the world today, and will affect all who are alive for years to come.

However, from 1990 the first nation peoples of the Caribbean and the Americas began challenging the ideology behind Discovery Day, and in 2014 they proclaimed October 12th as Indigenous Peoples Day. There is one ethnic group that is left to make a claim for the October 12th base on their experiences, and that is black people of African descent. In 2013, the World Social Forum proclaimed October 12th as the International Day for Reparations, however for this to become a reality the statue of Lord Nelson that was erected in Barbados on March 22, 1813 as the first symbol of white supremacy to impact negatively not only black Barbadians, but all black people of the Caribbean has to come down. Therefore, until the statue of Lord Nelson is removed the psychological damage it has caused and is causing will continue, and as a result neither reconciliation nor reparations will be achieved. However, because we are fighting a spiritual war the statue must be removed on a date that is significant in the struggle for liberation and for Reparations.


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This is therefore a call to the young people of Barbados in particular, and CARICOM in general to start an online petition calling on the government not to remove the Nelson Statue on November 16th, but on a date that is more appropriate such as January 1st, April 14th, August 23rd or October 12th, 2021. There is no reason to hurry its removal by a random date such as November 16th.

As an elder in the struggle for liberation and against white supremacy (Racism) for the past 57 years (1963 to present), I am committed, available and willing to give any assistance with the campaign. My message to young people, this is your time. We the elders must past the baton to you the young people at some time, and it is for you to take it, and run with it until the time comes for you to past it and so on until the war is won; use the experience from the present manmade COVID-19 pandemic as your call to action. May God bless you all in your endeavours.

Rev. Buddy Larrier

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