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I was reading a press release issued by Grenville Phillips II who is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados, in which he said, ‘Solutions Barbados is disappointed with the Ministry of Education’s weak response, to the warnings from Charlie Spice of the Adult Industry Association.”

He went on to say ‘Mr. Spice noted that over the past three years, there have been countless child pornography videos of Barbadian school children circulating via smart phones. He noted that child prostitution was growing exponentially across Barbados, and that Barbados was on course to become the country with the highest rate of under-age sex in schools.”


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Based on what was written, I am taking it that Mr. Spice’s concerns are founded on the rising levels of under-age sex in schools and not about the videoing of the sex being performed. For me, the question here should be, is sex in schools increasing or is it more exposed due to the introduction of modern technology?

In any case, the leader of one of the newer political parties aspiring to govern Barbados said, “Solutions Barbados predicted a similar trend over two years ago, when the former Minister of Education allowed our students to have smart phones in schools, without the critical pornography filters. We have repeatedly warned of the obvious harmful consequences, since it was foreseen that children will try to mimic what they repeatedly watch. Solutions Barbados urges the BLP administration to consider the following solutions.” At this point in my reading it seems to me that Solutions Barbados is suggesting that the problem with under-age sex in the school is cell phones. What his prediction of this two years ago has to do with anything has flown way over my head. Maybe he thinks it is a point that will endear him to the people of Barbados on his quest to lead us.  The boast and ego stroking of ” I told you so”. One can only wonder!


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Their solution to under–age sex in the school is “First, install pornography filters on all wireless routers at schools, resource centres, and anywhere where free WiFi is offered by Government. Second, install a password-protected pornography filter on every student’s cell phone when they enter the school. Third, start charging adults who have sex with our children. The cost to Government to implement each of these initiatives is $0.00.” Do these filters stop phones from video recording? I am not understanding how these filters on phones will curb sex in the school. In my day going to school, 200 odd years ago, we did not have cell phones, but sex was happening on a constant at school. The knowledge of this passed on “orally”.

Nelson Mandela said education was the most powerful tool with which one could change the world. It is obvious to me that if it can change the world it could change a school/s. Changing the world in this case means changing the mind sets and philosophies of people through education. Changing a school is no different. As such it makes perfect sense to me that what is needed in this situation is a critical examination of our sexual education courses, if there are any.


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We reside in a Western Judeo Christian society that is hypocritical to its core. The “Christian” value system for the most part hides the topic of sex in their vault of self-righteousness, speaking of it only in terms of STD, pregnancy prevention and a no no before marriage (all negative). Note that all public schools are “Christian” by the fault of the nation being “Christian”. Yet a lot of “Christian” people are complicit in the daily operations of a nation that is bombarded by uncontrolled and exploited sexual energy. Many “Christians” want to swim in the waters of this uncontrolled, exploited sexual energy and not get wet. If you don’t think this is so, consider the fact that they want to participate in the national road orgy we call Kadooment in a “respectful way that is acceptable to the Lord”. In my opinion it is the oppression of sex and its placement as an evil from a “Christian” context that strangles its true essence and the education that informs of this.


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It is my offering that an African understanding of sex and sexuality is needed to counteract the unguided sexual explorations of our school children and even our adults. How our children view and value themselves is of great importance in this conversation. How they understand their sexual energy is equally as important. The youth will always experiment and explore, it is part of growing up. Our duty as responsible, wise adults is to give guidance where and when we can.


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It is time we give the colonizer,  his religion and philosophy a rest and return to the source. Not Jesus or any bleached understanding of god, but to a knowledge locked away in our ancestral DNA that guides us to a way of life that is conscious and considerate of community, while being fully aware of value of self in the community. An African consciousness that teaches us the sacredness of sex and the healing or destructive energies therein.

Some solutions create more problems.

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