A Call For African Centered Clubs In Schools From Queens College Students.

Yesterday evening the African Heritage Foundation launched its Black History Month Schools Initiative, and what transpired was nothing short of inspirational.

It was an intimate groundings that included students of  Queens College, one of the schools participating in the initiative. The other schools are, The St. Michael School and Springer Memorial School.


Overcoming a late start due to some technical challenges, the evening’s activity proved to be very insightful. An informative presentation from Dr. Nancy Jacobs and a discussion entitled ” What can be done to have a greater focus on black history past the month of February in schools and in our society” led by Sister Osula, illuminated the activity.

Within the discussion, the point was made several times that the negative attitudes of many individual teachers towards African culture was an impediment in the teaching of African history in schools. It was put forward in the groundings that African spirituality was still seen by many teachers as evil. This translated into the constructing of another barrier to African history being taught in schools was an offering from one of the evening’s guest. It would seem based on the discussion, that the teaching of African history could not wait on the Ministry of Education to make it mandatory in all  public schools and role out a related curriculum.

It was suggested by one of the students from Queens College, that organizations such as the African Heritage Foundation play a more active role in the teaching of African history in schools by creating African centered clubs in them. It was also suggested that art should be a tool to teach African history to children from a younger age. Colouring books that taught African history could be created for primary school children. The students had more to contribute and you are invited to listen to the discussion in the video recording attached to this article.

Prior to the groundings, Dr. Jocob ‘s presentation on African art and related slide show was well received by all in attendance.


It would seem that the libations poured by Baba Tifase Howell that set the activity in motion were well received as the evening was truly blessed.

The African Heritage Foundation will be liaising with the students from each of the above mentioned schools participating in this initiative who were selected as Sankofa Ambassadors. These ambassadors who are tasked to assist with the management of this initiative will be asked to give developmental input and tangible assistance in formulating further initiatives that  will facilitate the teaching of African history in schools.

If you would like to know more about the African Heritage Foundation or join us as we endeavor to influence positive social change using African centered philosophies and cultures as a guide, please make contact.

Grass-roots work is not flashy, and rarely celebrated on the national media level, but that is where change begins. Ilyasah Shabazz



Posted by African Heritage Foundation on Saturday, February 9, 2019


Posted by African Heritage Foundation on Saturday, February 9, 2019

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