An invitation to join NUCLEUS.

The African Heritage Foundation (AHF) invites you to sign up and become a member of its volunteering community “Nucleus”.

Ubuntu is an age-old African wisdom. It is based on the conviction:  Umuntu Ngumntu Ngabantu, “I am because we are and we are because I am”.

This wisdom is the foundation of the AHF. “Nucleus” informs it members of volunteering opportunities within the AHF and other organizations. It manages and records volunteer  hours, work ethic, dependability, sociability and so forth.


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The first aim of Nucleus is to offer structural assistance by supporting AHF projects that are initiated and established by its members in the form of human capacity. Secondly, it provides its volunteers with access to small streams of revenue through working with some of these projects. Many of these projects are designed for economic growth that tangibly facilitates community development and empowerment.  Projects such as these have a strong business component, thus volunteers have the additional opportunity to become more invested financially in the business through community ownership and profit sharing. Volunteers also have the opportunity to be employed within the businesses their volunteering supported in its initial stages.

 Although Nucleus is designed to give financial assistance to its members within some of its projects, its core aim is to influence positive societal reform by addressing and creating community mechanisms that attend to the daily needs of people, children and their parents.


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What else can joining Nucleus do for you?

For the entrepreneurs, networking opportunities are always there.  For entrepreneurs networking is a necessary chore, but the great thing about volunteering is that you are building your network without even trying. Every time you interact with a colleague or meet a new person you are building your network!



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The AHF is a young and developing organization, and as it grows through the various projects it initiates there is going to be a need for greater manpower. Your work may become so invaluable that the AHF has to create a paid position to keep you! Sometimes you will be first offered a small remuneration (stipend) to keep you, but as time goes on, you may be able to negotiate further increases, until you have a full-salaried position.


Due to the informal nature of the AHF and the work it does Nucleus also doubles as an employment bureau of sorts. Skills and services of Nucleus members are cataloged and offered to potential employers. With Nucleus recommendations, you become more of a known factor to the employers, close at hand and instantly available. Assuming you have done well with your voluntary work, all this makes you a very attractive option to fill any new vacancy suited to you.


There is no better way of gaining experience than learning on the job. Almost every job in development requires X number of years of experience. By volunteering, you are starting along the road of gaining that experience.


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Not only will you be practising your existing skills, you will be coming into contact with new situations, requiring new skills. You are also able to show someone else what you know.


If there are tasks you struggle at, you can mark these down as areas you need to gain knowledge in or develop new skills for.


A favourable report from Nucleus to potential employers will show that you work well with others and have a great team spirit.


Finally, with all those benefits, you have a great opportunity to increase your marketability. On top of that, being a volunteer shows that you have a degree of commitment that is often very valued.


Contact the AHF at or whatapp/call 260-4795 and request a registration form for NUCELUS. You will be added to the volunteer listing and be apprised of volunteer opportunities as they arise. You can then indicate to NUCLEUS’ administration if you would be interested in volunteering and in what capacity. You will also be required to indicate availability.

By joining Nucleus you can make a real difference to the meaningful and structural improvement in the education and living conditions of many in Barbados. In the fight against poverty, your time and effort is of essential value

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