An Invitation to R.O.A.R

On the 31st July, the eve of Emancipation Day, the African Heritage Foundation (AHF). will launch its online discussion forum, “Reasoning.Online.About.Revolution – Organizing Black Lives” (R.O.A.R).

R.O.A.R will be structured in a series styled format. The first R.O.A.R series is entitled “Organizing Black Lives”, and will consist of 7 episodes/discussions. The episodes/discussions have a time duration of 45 minutes each. Starting time for R.O.A.R will be 8pm, and it will be hosted twice a month.


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The first R.O.A.R series, “Organizing Black Lives”, will feature these topic headings for each episode as is listed below;

  1. Revolutionary Organizations Then And Now.
  2. Revolutionary Black Leaders.
  3. Revolutionary Religion/Spirituality – The Black Church.
  4. Revolutionary Education and Philosophy.
  5. Revolutionary Media.
  6. Revolutionary Solutions That Address Institutionalized and Systematic Racism.
  7. Overview.

The AHF will be inviting persons with experience and knowledge related to above listed topics, to join the discussions/reasonings.

Please note that Black Economics is underpinned throughout this series.

The AHF through R.O.A.R, aims to advance a social discussion platform, that not only speaks to issues that hinder the overall development of African descended people;but one that also explores related solutions, and influences complimentary tangible action.


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Should you wish to participate in these discussions/reasonings, please RSVP and send your contact information to email: or whatsapp/call 260-4795 so the AHF can send you your meeting login information prior to the meeting.

ZOOM is the online platform that R.O.A.R will be hosted on.

Thanks much!

African Heritage Foundation.

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