And As She Spoke!
And as she spoke,
Somehow purpose found I!
Student/ seeker of truths,
African Of self,
African Of balance,
Found I.
And as she listened.
Value added to narratives told often, but rarely received,
Delicately placed on hardened hearts, shackled minds and rejecting ears,
Found respite In this,
This beauty,
This beautiful synchronicity found I.
And as she spoke…
Years Of trial with error,
Faded with a simple and pure inquiry,
Not for skin,
Not for flesh
But for that which sustains skin and flesh.
I-rits and intellect.
Looking for eternity,
On earth not sky,
And she,
Found I!
This chance, by chance Sparks a flame unknown,
But consuming none the less;
With Truth, the foundation of all things great
The building blocks,
Cemented by a Sincerity that creates the eternity, sought.
And all this revealed…
As she spoke!
Bongo I-an

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